Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Dates we missed!

I knew they'd be missed because I didn't set something up ahead of time, and I didn't blog at all while we were in Philadelphia.  But I don't want to skip over these special dates just because I missed them initially!

March 4th was both my mother's birthday and the birthday of our good friend and 'extra' grandma, Chris Harm (she is the one that went to Ukraine with me!).    Also, March 6th was my friend Liz's birthday :).  So, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the three of them!

Another big special moment that we missed over the weekend is our 3rd anniversary of our homecoming with Emma and Micah!!  I'll have to post pictures later on because I'm about to run out to pick kids up from school, but on March 5th, 2008 Emma and Micah became US Citizens!  Three years home and they've both made dramatic changes for the better!  They are our daily reminders that with God, all things are possible!!  Elizabeth and Jim got married on the same day, so it's a wonderful weekend of celebrations in our family :).

I don't have pictures of the wedding in my possession yet... but if you're on FaceBook, there are pictures there that I posted to my profile.  You just might not recognize me...  I don't get all fancied up very often (ever?) but it was a lot of fun and Elizabeth is worth it :) :).

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