Thursday, March 31, 2011

The connection

Remember that random money post the other day about finding a quarter?

Ok, here you go....

The quarter held value only when it was discovered, not when it was there but unknown.  It was in our home and belonged to us the entire time, yet only once we held it in our hands did it receive the true value that it innately holds.

Everyone has importance, true value!  It's just that sometimes their value is hidden and therefore given no credit until it is discovered.  It is always a part of them, but the discovery of that importance is the appearance of new value.

How's that for more randomness?


  1. Thanks for your blogging...I am just blown away at how good of a mommy you are. And Westley is just doing amazing. We are praying for him and for your family daily.

  2. thanks for sharing this as it is so true!