Friday, March 25, 2011

It's time... Revisiting our first visit to Ukraine

It's been a while. Really, that pain and memory of walking away from a child that you dreamed of, held and loved on, and in those first visits determined that she is a perfect fit for your family... Those hurts never heal. Three years later when she is sitting in my living room and eating at my table doesn't change the pain of those times. But it does help to heal it.

Right now another family is going through something very similar. Something that I held off on posting about though I've had them on my mind nonstop since the beginning of their troubles. Something that has spread like wildfire throughout the adoption and Down syndrome communities as "the first time ever" yet... It has happened before.

It happened to us.

A family has gone overseas to adopt a child, a little boy with Down syndrome. The officials denied their adoption based solely on the fact that he has Ds and is "socially unadaptable due to his medical needs". Sound familiar? We were denied Aleksa's adoption due to her disability in 2008. It was recorded as being due to her inability to make contact and determine her own desires to have a family or not. It was determined by officials that her life was to be lived out inside the mental institution where she would never knew the love of a family or the experiences of life outside of that facility. She would live every day watching television sitting on benches that lines the walls of the room. Waiting to interact with the missionaries that come as they can to bring stories and music and puppet shows...

Another family has gone now, to another Eastern European country to adopt the son of their hearts and the judge denied their adoption. He, now, has the determination that he should spend the rest of his days in an institution without any of the outside joys that life can provide him with... And without the love of a mother and father...

Please pray for this family! For the judge, for the officials, for the lawyer representing the family. For little Kirill... Who has a light in his eyes as he rushes over to hug his mommy... That they won't have to experience what it's like to walk away forever... That they can go back to the place they left their heart and bring their son home NOW!

I will try to post a link to a quick YouTube video later, but I can't seem to get it working at the moment (copying a link). If anyone wants to post the link in comments please feel free.

Pray for the Davis family and little Kirill. We felt your prayers so heav
Ily covering us during both of our adoption trips and we know that God has a plan for this family and child as well. They are the history makers...


  1. Is this the link?

    Praying HARD for Kirill and his family!

  2. i still remember Meredith! your adoption story was the first I read! I remember everything you went to, and how God moved! I cried reading your words, and I prayed along you!
    Now is stime to join to the Davis battle! and Im sure, I trust God will win, how ? Im waiting expectant to see

  3. Hi Meredith, you have been on my mind. I remember when you were unable to bring Alexa home, I had JUST discovered Reece's Rainbow.... I remember not understanding why you weren't allowed to have her, but at the time.... since I was new to RR.... I assumed maybe "that happened"..... since then RR has grown into quite the strong, vocal group... hasn't it? Wish we "coulda" been that vocal for Alexa and got her home to you sooner. :( I praise the Lord you were able to bring her home eventually, both for her sake, for your sake and for the sake of the children that you are helping to come home from instituions. Thank you for being brave enough to bring her home knowing that she has been "changed" by her experience and will take much work to "bring her back to life". Prayers for you all.