Friday, March 11, 2011

New Glasses and one Proud Momma

First off, I have to share my proud momma moment.  I’m always proud of my kids, no matter what!  But today they made me exceptionally proud… and since this is my blog I can share it :).
Today I decided not to get a babysitter or ask one of the grandparents to come with me to the eye doctor.  We were getting 4 sets of glasses, but no one was being seen by the doctor and I knew it would be fairly quick.  I had seven of the kids with me (Kristopher went to school) and I felt like we could do this without an extra set of hands.
Let me also say that I have not yet- since coming home in late December- taken all 8 children anywhere but to school and home, or through a drive-through by myself.  I haven’t taken them all OUT of the car, gone to a public place, and asked them to stay with me, behave, and listen.  So this was our first time!  And it was awesome.
I used the triple stroller for my two big kids that don’t walk (Emma and Wesley) and for Lynae.  Micah and James each held on to one side.  Aleksa held by the handle.  Brianna walked near us.  We went into the waiting room and they all sat in chairs and watched Mickey Mouse on TV until we were called back.  We went into a room and James and Aleksa plopped down in chairs immediately without being asked.  Brianna and Micah sat on the exam table and the 3 in the stroller stayed put. 
They sat, they danced to the Pandora’s “Sesame Street” channel of music on my phone, they listened, they got their glasses tried on, fitted, and were nice about it!  Brianna LOVES her new glasses and knows they make her even more beautiful :).  James didn’t kick the lady putting the glasses on him or throw them across the room.  He didn’t scream even once!  He took the ‘tone’ from the rest of us and chilled and said “yay!” and clapped when we applauded him for leaving his glasses alone.  He left them on for a good 2-3 minutes before they gently were put in his lap… and he let us put them back on after that!
Brianna took hers off in the car and put them in her cup holder. 
Aleksa still takes hers off in the car and chucks them as far as she can…
Micah didn’t seem to notice that his were different (the script is only minorly adjusted) and was fine with them immediately, tho I did change his ‘leash’ over from his other pair.
Emma also didn’t seem to mind the new ones and I believe she’ll probably do better with them based on the script difference in her left eye (went from 1.5 to 4, but he gave the script for only 3 because it will not affect her closer-up vision as much that way).  Emma is the only one that went to school after, so we’ll see how she does finishing out the day with them.  I also moved her ‘leash’ over from her old glasses.
Wesley doesn’t mess with his a whole lot unless he’s board or thinks he’ll get attention that way.  He does pretty good with them :)
So, a proud momma moment.  One of those days you go “Wow, I guess we’re doing something right because we not only ‘survived’ but we did really well with seven of us all going to a doctor’s office and waiting and navigating multiple hallways and doors and even having two potty trained girls use the restroom before we headed home.
I am one blessed momma today!!
Now what you really want… pictures :)
DSCN9572 DSCN9558 DSCN9559 DSCN9560 DSCN9563 DSCN9565 DSCN9566 DSCN9568 DSCN9569 DSCN9570 DSCN9571
I was getting such a kick out of James’ reaction to his new glasses!  Brianna pretty much took them in stride, but James was like a caged animal when we were trying on glasses to find some that fit him.  So I was most concerned with his reaction to having to wear them.  I was so happy to see that he was enjoying all the praise and that he is leaving them on a bit!  And… I took a video to share.  Please excuse the look of the kitchen and table… I do have 8 kids which means the sink is always full!  We stopped at McD’s on our way home and everyone was just finishing eating when I took the pictures (the ones without jackets for the most part) and this video :)  Enjoy!


  1. so cute!They all look so adorable in their glasses!

  2. WOW! You have every right to be proud - what an incredible group of kiddos you have (lead by an incredible mama, of course). They all look just gorgeous and handsome in their new specs.

  3. Way to go momma! They all look adorable as always. Hey I've got a new blog that you might get a kick out of. I know not all your kids eat solid foods, but the ones that do might enjoy it. Ya kno, in all your "spare" time :-)

  4. Awesome video. All of your children have the most beautiful smiles! They all look gorgeous in their glasses!!

  5. I laughed and laughed, it reminded me of my son with DS with his hearing aid! you are my hero!!

  6. Amazing! Wow and way to go!! I was thinking of your family this morning when I encountered my first ever real battle with office personnel in a medical facility over the fact that my son was adopted and thus according to them I should carry around proof that he is really mine. I was thinking of all the children you have added via adoption and how you would not have probably been snagged today b/c your children are caucasion. I was so mad. Hope that what I went through today helps the next Mama behind me not have to go through the same thing.
    What beautiful little eyes behind every pair of glasses you have in your home :)

  7. Sorry you had a rough day holly! I d o have proof that they are all mine in the car during every first appt because they usually want a copy before they will treat if I disclose that they are adopted ahead of time. At this point its the same offices I'm bringing multiple kids to so they know the child is adopted and they do usually ask for it.

    It is a shame that they cant just trust a person though! Why would I want to take someone relse's child to the dr? Lol.

    Which reminds me... Today i seas asked 3x if they are all mine. Did someone really think I'd opt to bring 7 kids that arent mine all to the eye doctor? Lol

  8. My 2 year old got glasses a few months ago and I spent many hours researching how to keep them on. Pretty much any way they can get them off if they really want to, but one source said that sometimes if they have the tie holders they try to get them off more because they feel more constricted. I opted to get some of these little attachments that make regular glasses earpieces like the rounded ones. Took me ages to find the idea online --guess I had a bad optician who didn't suggest anything. But a different one had these right in stock. Anyway, no doubt you have already tried everything, but just in case, I thought I'd mention it!