Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Follow up on Diapers

Thanks for all the suggestions and ideas on diapering Wesley at night!  I think tonight we'll try putting on a pair of training pants' underwear (the padded kind that pull on) under his diaper.  I think that although it will keep him wetter than a diaper would, it may be enough to 'seal' or absorb around the tight parts of his diaper area enough to keep him from leaking.  In theory anyway.  I have a few pair from when Kristopher potty trained and I have a few we had for Brianna (and I'm pretty sure he doesn't mind wearing pink undies to bed) so we'll start there since it's already here.  And I'll try one of Lynae's size 3 Luv's on him over that (I think that was suggested over on FB in comments there).

Thanks for all of the ideas, and I may be back soon with more questions!

As far as 'bagging' his pee during casting, I will definitely ask about that.  (By bagging I do not mean catheterizing, but rather catching the pee once it's out rather than having it all go all over in the diaper).  That sounds like it may be necessary to keep the cast clean since we wouldn't be able to use a padded underwear with the cast.

Thanks again!


  1. Meredith,

    With so many kids, it probably isn't possible, but we've always had great luck with cloth diapers. The newer bum genius insert is super absorbant, and you could tuck inside a diaper, or else looking up wool options would also work for the outside of the diaper- and they don't need to be washed, just air dried. Wool is anti-microbrial, dries, doesn't smell, holds TONS of moisture... Lots of options. It might be a great bet for with the cast as well b/c it is stretchy.

  2. I didn't manage to post when you asked originally but wanted to share what we do with Sunshine. She does not have CP but she is a tube feeder and gets 700ml of liquid every night. There are NO diapers on the market that will hold that! So, we have started using the Poise Overnight pads in her diapers. They are made for adults so they're pretty large but they fit in her size 4 diapers. I use my finger to poke a few holes into the plastic on the underside of the pad before I put it in the diaper so that the liquid can flow through to the diaper. When she's wearing these pads her diaper fits very snugly around her legs so I wonder if it might work for Wesley. A package of 30 is only about $12 at Walmart so really not a bad price since we only use one each night.

    Hope you find a solution!