Wednesday, March 09, 2011


I've been asked to repost multiple fundraisers in the last 2 weeks or so, and between being sick and having the family sick and then our 5 day trip to Philadelphia for my sister's wedding and the 'recovery' from that, too, I haven't been able to repost them.

So, here's my invitation-- if you have a fundraiser, or know of someone else that has a fundraiser-- that is intended to fund EITHER an adoption or a humanitarian effort, PLEASE POST LINKS AND INFO IN THE COMMENTS OF THIS BLOG.

SO... if you missed the iPad give-away that we just finished, or would like to donate to another iPad give-away or one for other neat technological stuff-- or gift cards or crafts, etc... Check out the comments and keep checking back to find out what opportunities are going on right now to give and also be blessed!

**Note: Comments are moderated and will not show up immediately.  I WILL publish all legitimate fundraisers! :)



    This link is for the Camera giveaway we are doing for Noah. Thanks for helping!

  2. This is the email that I received today that got me going to actually post :) Here's the give-away info!

    God is so good!

    Hansina's links:

  3. We are fundraising to bring home 2 children from Eastern Europe. We have 5 children and have suffered through the tragedy of losing my 2 year old last April. To fundraise, we are hosting several give a ways and also selling coffee and t shirts. Funds are slow going on this economy and we would appreciate any support we can get!

  4. Thanks Meredith!
    3 boys are in need of homes. They all had families and lost them. We are hosting a
    GIVE A WAY to help increase their grant funds, and also find them families. We are giving away and IPAD, ITOUCH, WII, $300 Gift Card to Target. (all items NEW). please visit:

  5. Hey Meredith,

    We are having a jewelry fundraiser over at . Or as we like to say Fundraising Gone Wild. Four fabulous pieces of jewelry are being given away so come check it out. There will be pies in the face, pink hair and just wait till you see what are husbands have to do if we get to the 2000 dollar mark!! 5 dollar donation gives you a chance to win. Fundraising, Southern style.. You don't want to miss it.

    Love finds a way,
    Renee Tam

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  7. Please consider helping the Dueck family fundraising to bring Katya home!

  8. We are raising funds to bring home 2 little boys from EE. Right now we have a Thirty-One fundraiser going on. We get 10% of the total sales towards the adoption fund. Please take a look. And ladies, with every $31 you spend you can order a purse for 1/2 off :)

    You can also find the link on our blog

    Thank you,
    Rachel Golden

  9. We are doing a giveaway of CAKE TRUFFLES!!! shipped straight to your home for Emory at Reeces Rainbow. It ends tomorrow and you only need to repost or donate $5 to enter!!

  10. We are having a giveaway for a BEAUTIFUL hand-carved silver cross necklace to help bring Riley home! Going on now until March 31, every $5 you donate through our Chip-In on our blog gets you one entry:

  11. We are giving away a nice pearl necklace and bracelet to help ius bring Ember (Tasha 31) home. Please consider helping us out.

  12. We just started on today. $100 gift card toward a custom made cake, Bravo $30 gift card (both here in Charlotte, NC) and a Bead For Life necklace.

  13. Hi Meredith,

    We are fundraising to bring two boys home from China and are doing an iPad giveaway. Thank you for your efforts to help others get their little ones home!

    Nikole Hilton

  14. i am doing a puzzle fundraiser for the miller family adopting Quinton.

  15. We are doing an iPad2 giveaway as well as some other prizes on our blog to raise money for orphan hosting this summer! Please check it out!
    Thank you!!!
    Brooke Helf

  16. We are the Morrison Family of Bakersfield, CA and we are raising money to bring our son Jiang Yi An home from China!

    We're giving away an iPad2 (Wi-Fi, 32 GB) to a lucky donor, as well as holding monthly drawings for a Best Buy gift card, just for reposting our links!

    Give us a look!

  17. We are leaving is 11 days and current have an iPad2 giveaway happening on our blog. We have tons of added bonuses, such as daily draws. We are headed to EE to adopt a 6 yr old little girl with CP. Please stop by and take a look, and consider if there is anyway that you can help us out. Shareing, praying, donating....

    Thank you so much to the Cornish Family for letting us all shamlessly promote our fundraisers on their blog, and to all of you for taking the time to look them over.

    Ontario, Canada