Sunday, February 06, 2011

When we moved bedrooms around

the one thing we weren’t so sure about was where we were going to have the “big kids” put their things where they could play without their things being distributed throughout the house.  Kristopher is into Lego’s and play sets like Playmobile and neither of those are good for the younger kids to be able to access.  Brianna loves her doll house, but if it’s not in a contained area then it just gets scattered.  The other girls are showing interest in the doll house, too, and she’s learning to share with them :).

The idea was that we would put 4 boys in one room and 4 girls in the other.  The ‘guest’ room would then be used for storage and for the kids to have their play things that wouldn’t be disturbed too badly.  But then Lynae ended up still not sleeping through the night (she used to but hasn’t much since we got home from UA).  So… Emma moved rooms and Lynae stayed in the 3rd bedroom.  That really took away the idea of using it for the older kids’ play things since Lynae naps and they wouldn’t be able to go in there much of the time.

Yesterday I started making plans :).  You know how plans go… they go from “I have a thought” to “it’s done, come see!” in about 24 hours if they’re really doable!

And so… we have two new play areas.  Both are in the girls’ room, since none of the 3 girls in that room take naps.  There’s a crib set up in there for Lynae to eventually move to, but since that’s not happening at the moment… we modified it a bit :)

DSCN9389 DSCN9384

As you can see, Brianna is HAPPY AS A CLAM to have her dollhouse all set up and a place she can play!  Now, we just need 4 more kids for it since she’s got them all named… and Aleksa, Emma, Micah, and James are missing… :)  There’s a grandmom and a babysitter, 4 kids, mom, and dad, a cat and a dog (no- we don’t have animals!)

As for Kristopher… he’s enjoying his new “fort.”

DSCN9385 DSCN9386

Not sure exactly where he is?  Here’s another view:


This ‘loft’ was built for extra storage since we have 10’ ceilings when my parents owned the house (they built it and I grew up here… we bought the house from them about 3 1/2 years ago).  The storage area was reinforced so that it would hold my dad’s weight and with the knowledge that a custom-sized mattress would make it a fun bed for a kid one day.  Well, bed it’s not, but for it is!  My mom reminded me of that the other day and we had just one bag with baby blankets and a bin with some of Kristopher’s toys up there.

We’re ready to play!

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