Saturday, February 19, 2011

Today's accomplishments:

  • 16 people were up, dressed, fed, and playing by about 9am.
  • Everyone survived hanging out and playing (inside and out) all morning without too much intervention.
  • Lunch was cooked, served, and eaten in 30 minutes.  In case you're wondering, we used 24 tortillas and about 1.5lbs of shredded cheddar cheese to feed 13 people (2 boys and Mike didn't eat them) quesadillas.  Yum yum yum :).
  • We managed to make it an entire day only using 1 cup for each child.
  • Everyone except James ate brownies to celebrate Emma's birthday and the only child that didn't finish theirs?  Emma...  go figure?
  • We ordered and ate 90 chicken nuggets at McDonald's and 4 large fries.  Then went to the park to eat and play and didn't even get eaten alive by mosquitoes (but it was getting chilly by the time we left!).
  • 12 children and 1 adult have made it through the shower in the last 2 hours.
  • 11 kids are in bed and asleep as I type this, one showering and the 'big boy' (Lyndi's Steven) is playing DS.  Not too bad!
  • Tomorrow we're going to have breakfast and head out to Downtown Disney for a surprise trip to the Lego store for Steven (SHHHHHHHH!  It's a SURPRISE!).  His birthday was the 10th and he still hasn't a clue what his gift is going to be.  Should be fun!  YES, all 16 of us are planning to go :).
  • Mike's parents brought us over some ribs from a function they were at (I didn't get details) so we'll be back here in time for supper!  The Shupps are headed back to TN on Monday morning.


  1. You guys are simply amazing!! Geez, that sounds like a fun time!

  2. Sounds interesting... :) Now since there are 3 adults, who isn't showering? ;0)