Monday, February 07, 2011

Thank you to...

Kim and Raymond whose generous contribution well-covered the gap to break the 50% mark!  You will be put in for 5 'extra' chances at the iPad!  A huge thank you to EVERYONE that has donated, big or small!  We have had 49 contributors up to this point.  Yay!

I also wanted to note that if you donated, say $10 this week and can do another $15 next week, we WILL COMBINE your donations so you get the most 'chances' for the ipad (notice that the chances increase more than 'just' double for higher donation amounts).  Please make a note on your contribution or post a comment so I know to look for your duplicate name!

I'm excited to share that we are at 55%!  It's only MONDAY, my friends!  Let's see if we can meet our airline goal this week :)  I'm all for having God out-do my "high expectations" and do His own work instead!!

Don't forget to repost and be entered into the gift-card drawing!  Please use the link above to share!

***Also, wanted to say "THANK YOU" from Masha and the Dickinson to the 27 people who donated in honor of Masha's 4th birthday on Friday!  You will each be given extra entries!  I included in this count people who donated in the 'wee hours' of Saturday morning since I don't know what time zone you're in and you obviously hadn't slept yet :)

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