Thursday, February 24, 2011

Crawling up

I'm crawling back up to the surface for air, and I think we will all survive! :)

Micah ended up only getting sick at school and was fine all day.
Emma got sick last night but has been good overnight and all day today.
James got sick last night but today has done fine including overnight last night.
Kristopher went back to school and was fine today.
Lynae is still spitting up some with Pediasure but that could be any number of things, and she is acting fine.
Brianna went back to school and was fine today.

Aleksa and Wesley never got it. (I don't dare say 'yet').

I have been awake for about 5 hours after sleeping all day and not sleeping at all last night.  So far I'm doing ok, so here's hoping that after a good night's sleep I'll be alive and well in the morning.

After all, we have 6 opthalmologist appointments starting at 8am.  And I get to dilate the kids' eyes before we leave, starting at 6am.  Doesn't that sound FUN??

Aleksa and Wesley will get their new glasses, Emma and Micah will hopefully get new scripts, and James and Brianna are having their annual eye exams... we expect James to need glasses and maybe Brianna based on behaviors.

Time to feel better and get back to real life!  It starts in about 6 hours...
(PS, thank you to Erin for watching Lynae tomorrow at the last minute since our babysitters all shifted around!)

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