Saturday, February 19, 2011

Poor Buddy :(

James has had yet another run in with not-so-fun-stuff...

About a week ago he had three little 'white head pimples' on his belly.  Right before that he'd had one on his knee and then on his bottom.  He'd had something similar twice before.  The first time was at the hospital after he'd been there 2 or 3 days.  He got one on his back, chest, and belly.  They said no big deal... it was nothing.

Second time was one on his lip and one on his chin.  They went away too...

Both times, if it was popped, it got big, a 'lump' under the skin, then eventually went down.  No matter whether the head was popped or not, they would then turn purplish and go away, but not after leaving a mark for quite some time...

This followed suit.  The one on his knee and on his bottom both got popped.  Both got a big welt under the skin.  The ones on his belly didn't, and they started going away.

The one on his bottom got worse.

And worse.

Last night his bottom went from a welt to a large thing that looked like a cyst and was purplish on the skin like it was majorly inflamed.  This morning we called the doctor's office.

James has what we believe is Staph.  Not only that, but since he's had these same little 'pimples' 3 times now, it is likely MRSA.  Fun stuff....

He is now on a heavy duty antibiotic and an antibiotic cream for his 'spots.'  No one else has gotten it after all this time, but we are of course taking more precautions to be sure that they don't!

As far as school goes, the doctor said there's no issue with him going to school.  I thought that was kind of weird, but considering the only spots are in his diaper and tummy area, I guess that maybe that's why?

Anyway, he seems fine, aside from the irritation when we mess with his bottom.  Otherwise he's in great spirits and is allover doing well!

Just one. more. thing... poor baby :(


  1. Sounds like he is a staph carrier like Angela. Everyone carries staph, but some people carry live, active colonies. That would be my angela. The spots are "hot" looking, and come from nowhere. What you described is exactly how Angela's are, and yes, she cultures staph all the time. Her gtube site used to ALWAYs be positive!

    Go to the pharmacy and get Hibiclense (you have to ask the pharmacist for it.) It is a surgical scrub. As soon as the white heads appear, get him in the shower (no bathes when they have these spots) and scrub with a waschcloth that has the hibicleanse on it, just hard enough to break the whitehead. Angela's are usually completely gone within several hours of doing the surgical scrub.

  2. My niece with DS keeps getting them too. Unfortunately, hers never seem to stay away, not sure if that's typical or if she just hasn't been treated properly enough to kill it off, do you know? Praying for your sweet little guy.

  3. I had my first diagnosed MRSA "pimple" when I was 14. I've had several get out of control and create large holes/permanent scars, but it was because I would see the "pimple" and know it was not quite normal but wouldn't want to go to the doctor until I was SURE, and it would get crazy overnight. I've learned to recognize it now and have a script renewed every 12 months so if it starts, I go to Walgreens and get antibiotics even before seeing my doctor.

    I am curious as to whether James has had his immune system thoroughly checked? I have some specific deficiencies that make me a lot more susceptable to MRSA and other infections, but no named syndrome and normal white counts, which is why I ask.

    Also, I am 27 now and have never been made to avoid any activity (other than contact with newborns or nurses) while I have an active infection and I have never passed it on to ANYONE. Not even once. I'm guessing it may be a little more risky for kids at home since they are siblings and have more direct contact, but I don't think it's at all strange that he can go to school. :)