Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wesley's hip surgery is scheduled

April 5th is the day.  Sooner than I was thinking, but it will be good to hopefully have him in the full casts while it's still a little cooler here.  I don't imagine he'd take well to 100 degrees in the Spica casts!

Now to plan life around that :)


  1. We endured a SPICA cast last June - August and stayed inside in the A/C most of the time. I have a MUST buy I want to tell you about.. it was amazing and when I put it on Calebs leg he just smiled. He even fell asleep with it on. Nights are hard because I think they get extra itchy then or something. I would hook him up to the sweeper and he would sleep.. Good Luck ;)

  2. hopefully he will stay cool enough with that cast on. Praying for a smooth recovery

  3. I would get on the equiptment exchanges on line and see if anyone has a Hippo carseat for kids with Spica casts. Just a thought :)