Thursday, February 10, 2011

Update on iPad giveaway/ Masha's Fundraiser

First, an update on the total, since the matching donations don't show up on that :)  When we began the matching money, the total was $3235.  Now, the total (on chip-in) is $3500!  A total of $265 has been donated, with matching money doubling that (another $265 means $530) brings the new total to $4,030!  Keep up the great work! There's still a lot of matching money left!

Also, answers to a few questions about the child, family, and such...

Q: Is this Masha (9) from RR?
A: No, this is a little girl with Down syndrome named Masha, not listed on RR but with the Eli Project (click for info!)

Q: Does the family have a family sponsorship page?
A: YES! :)  It's on the Eli Project website as the Dickinson family (click to link there!)

Q: Are YOU adopting Masha?
A: NO! :)  The Dickinsons are friends of ours who adopted two beautiful children and came down to the national conference in Orlando this summer.  We had the pleasure of meeting them and have decided to host this fundraiser because we believe in them and their ability to parent Masha!  We also see the great need and want to 'pass it along' when we can to help other families to finance their adoption of special children just as others stepped up to help us bring our kids home!

Don't forget to SHARE the iPad post and donate while the matching money is available!

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