Monday, February 21, 2011

Dropping like flies

After Brianna's run in with Mike's stomach bug on Saturday night, I have 3 little people occupying our family room tonight.  Lynae started throwing up before dinner, Kristopher just after bedtime, and James a while after that.  Kristopher managed to throw up not just in his bed, but over the rail and all over the carpet as well as James' bed.  Maybe it's good that James got sick a few minutes later, since this way we're sure Kristopher's puke didn't infect him?

Either way, tonight should prove to be an interesting night.  I'm very glad for my pack-n- plays and that the carpet in the family room is just a big throw rug...


  1. Praying for you! I hate it when a virus gets started around here. I usually segregate off as quickly as possible to stop the "flow". Last year we did have 9 children and my husband all have swine flu at the same time though. It was HORRIBLE.

    Praying that everyone there can get well quickly.

  2. oh no! Let it pass quickly Lord Jesus!!

  3. meredith I sure hope this runs its course quickly and does not hit everyone (I know you do to )