Friday, February 25, 2011

Dear Leapster,

You have served our family fondly over the last 2 years.  From the first day that Kristopher laid eyes on you until your dying day you were faithful and helpful.  You've been there to rescue us through many long trips and waiting rooms.  Days when we thought the end was near, you came to us at just the right moment in time.

Though I'm pretty sure I never actually pressed your power switch and the down volume button was really our only interaction, I loved you just as much as Kristopher.  Brianna really was growing a fondness to you, and her anticipation of ownership was palpable.

It's so sad that it ended this way... I'm sure Lynae didn't realize that she was putting you in a watery tomb when she threw you in the bathtub.

Rest in Peace, little Leapster 2.  You will be missed...

(especially next week during our 22 hour drive to Philly... and 3 days in a hotel with very little entertainment... with 8 kids... and a long wedding reception... and no Leapster...)

With love,
The momma of the house who you fondly know as "turn the volume down or put on some headphones."


  1. Check on Craigslist... lots of people replaced the Leapster2 with a Leapster Explorer at Christmas.

  2. another idea, let it dry on towels, turning it twice a day. In a few days, it could possibly come back to life. I have dropped digital cameras, digital timers in water and they have dried and come to life again.

  3. Thanks for the tip... Already left it in a rice bowl for 2 days, opened it up to let it dry out inside... day 4... no power :( Sad day for Leapster... But thank you!!

  4. Meredith, when you coming to Philly? We aren't exactly close to Philly...but in the grand scheme of things...we aren't far considering you are coming from FL. We are about 4 hours away. If we can coordinate it, I'd love meet you and your family. Post on the board, and we can chat there and see if it's a possibility.