Saturday, February 12, 2011

An iPad and ChipIn update!!

First, a huge HOORAY GOD!!

See that ChipIn on the right?  It reads (for me, though I know it doesn't update in 'real time' very well...) $3,660.  Our matching money has officially been MATCHED by an offline donor.  In fact, the matching money and two other donations have all together totaled another $4,000 in donations!

Yes, that means that right now the fundraiser is at $7,660!  The Dickinsons' airfare is COVERED!  Praise God!

The next goal was $1,000 for Masha's Visa, Medical, and Passport, and that is also COVERED!

In calculating airfare, we neglected to include the dynamics of the Dickinsons' specific travel plans.  They will be doing the same thing that we did-- Both parents traveling and coming home after court then Meghan and a friend will return and bring Masha home.  In this, we have left out about $600 in airfare, so that is another goal we've added, AND ALREADY MET! :)

A new goal has now been set to raise $2,000 for transportation in-country for the Dickinsons.  We are only $940 from meeting that goal!!

I believe we will meet that goal too, because we serve a BIG GOD and He has great plans for bringing Masha home :)

Please KEEP SHARING!  I noticed that the amount of FB posts has gone down the last few days and there's still almost 2 weeks to go in the Chip In!  Don't forget to leave a comment when you post of FB or on your blog!  Let's help the Dickinsons bring Masha Home!


  1. Posted on FB a couple days ago, and again tonight. So exciting that they're so close!!!

  2. Wow, so cool that so much has been raised!

    Ok totally off subject, but my sister had recommended a book to me, and I downloaded it on kindle and started reading it today. I think I've read most of it and it's AMAZING. It's called Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper. Basically it's about a girl who has CP, and she can't walk or talk, but her mind is SHARP, and she's super smart but no one knows it because she can't talk. It's told from her point of view and it just makes me think of Wesley and all that his little mind could be holding! I really encourage you to read it, you know in your *spare* time ;-)

  3. I was wondering if you have a way to contact Masha's family. My daughter made something for Masha and wants to give her piggy bank money to them. We have four kids, Ellie is four, Sam is 3 years old with DS and a 17 month old, Henry and Nora Kate is due in a month. We really want to adopt a DS child/baby but my husband is in Seminary so we do not have the income requirement. But praying in a few years God will open the door!! Love reading about your wonderful family!!