Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We survived!

Yes, we made it through the night. Didn't get much sleep, but survived :).

Lyndi made it home last night and called me on her way to work today.  Here's hoping none of her kids star up with this... though they were only exposed to Brianna while throwing up... thankfully!  She mentioned that it's my 4 American born babies that have gotten the good stuff.  My 4 Ukrainian born little ones appear to (at this point anyway) have avoided it!  We have always said that our Ukrainian born kiddo's that spent time in an orphanage tend to have immune systems of STEEL!  :)  So, maybe they will avoid this after all.

As for me, I'm still upright and not puking too, so I'm hopeful that my alcohol baths (of hand sanitizer) are going to keep me from catching it... but I have been the one catching puke from all 4 kids, so it's more likely that as soon as they're all better I'll come down with it.  At least it's a SHORT lived bug!


Before we started down the sick train yesterday, I actually had a great day with lots of accomplishments :).  We saw off Lyndi and family in the morning then worked on getting things organized around here.  We had a GREAT time with them, and I'm so glad they came!  And contrary to Lyndi's indications otherwise, they really didn't leave us a mess :).  I started in on laundry and dishes, since those were both just a little in need... then went out to the garage and figured out that we have a LOT of kid-stuff that we'll be doing a garage sale with in the next few weekends!  Our neighborhood garage sale is coming up and that's likely our target date (Macrh 12?).

I made a long list of all the goodies that are leaving and sorted through a few more closets to find other miscellaneous stuff that could also leave the house!

Next I went on to finishing the living room.  I'd started it a few days before Lyndi came down and it was to a 'livable' spot when they came.  But it wasn't quite where I wanted it yet.  Yesterday I finished cleaning it out, clearing out, especially, the walkway from the kitchen to living room.  I used to have a desk that stuck out there a bit and it disappeared off to our bedroom now.  That will help clear out that area so that Wesley's wheelchair fits through there MUCH better!  It doesn't fit through our baby gate from the kitchen to family room, so we have to go through the living room to get anywhere in the house!

So now, the living room is rearranged to better meet our needs with the wheelchair and it's also 100% cleaned out and organized :)  Our bedroom and guest room (where the 'junk' relocated) are another matter, for another day :)

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