Thursday, February 24, 2011

8 down

And this is NOT fun!  Micah and I joined the ranks.

A little tiny Happy Birthday to my big 7 yr old, Kristopher, today!  Hopefully I will have the energy to write a post later.

And a big thanks to Grandma who jumped in this morning to help transport and to have lunch with Kristopher to make his day special since Mike's home tending the rest of the sickies and I'm.... well, not leaving.  *sigh*


  1. awww it sucks when everyone is sick! I am glad Kristpher atleast isnt sick today! Happy Birthday to him! My daughter turned 7 last friday and she got to spend it at the dr getting a chest xray and throat swab. Strep and Bronchitis for her birthday! lol

  2. My doctor has recommended Dramamine for the stomach flu and food poisoning. I highly recommend it!!!

  3. Can you please refrain from saying puke? I detest this word. They are so many more appropriate words you could use. Thanks

  4. Cool it, Anonymous. If you had all those sick little ones and were under the weather yourself, I expect you'd say worse (in fact, you just did - right here).

    Meredith, I surely hope you and yours get better asap!

    Kristopher, have a happy birthday - so glad your grandmother and you had a nice time together, and I hope you'll soon be able to celebrate an "unbirthday", since today didn't go quite as planned. Seven is a very important age to be, so congratulations!

    Very best wishes, both birthday and get-well are heading your family's way!

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to Two from U.