Sunday, February 06, 2011

We're almost halfway!!

The fundraiser is almost halfway on the chip-in! If you are the donor that breaks the halfway point, I'll throw in an extra 5 'chances' at the ipad!

***Please note, the chip-in widget sometimes doesn't post real-time.  The person that breaks halfway will be based on when donations post to the donor list that I access through the chip-in site.  If there are two within minutes that both would break it I'll award it to both!***

THANK YOU for spreading the word, and REMEMBER TO REPOST THIS!  You can repost (the link below) up to 2x/day and leave a comment on the iPad give-away post to be entered into a drawing for a $25 gift card!  Blogs, FaceBook, and before I failed to mention (but several of you did it anyway...) Twitter! :)  Repost the link below and leave your comments there!

The family's financial need is well over the $5,000 goal, and we would be very glad to see their plane tickets AND MORE covered through this give-away!

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  1. Donated a bit (wish it could be more, but we are trying to get Katya home too!) and will post on FB again.