Sunday, February 13, 2011

To clean, or not to clean...

Yesterday I 'finished' cleaning my living room.  It took probably 7 or 8 hours over the course of 3 days to get it done.  I went through every piece of paper filed away in nine cubbies of 'stuff'.  I went through the entire top of my desk which was piled with everything "important" since the kids won't touch there.  I vacuumed the floors, moved the furniture even.  I brought the 'extra' stuff cluttering up the space out to the garage to clutter there instead.  It was CLEAN.

Then, we had a birthday party where we invited 12 friends and family members to share in the celebration of Wesley, Kristopher, and Emma's birthdays (turning 6 7 and 8!).

Now, you can't really tell that the room was once clean because it's covered in wrappers from toys, cards, and under the table is a good amount of birthday cake.

At least the cubbies are all organized now... right? :)

Pictures coming later!  We had a great time celebrating and are so thankful to our friends and family for joining us!

To the Hollands:  Kristopher said "I had a GREAT time!" (and he MEANT it!) and then... he said "but it would have been even better if the Hollands were here..." :)  Just wanted to let you guys know he loves you and missed you.  We COMPLETELY Understand why you couldn't make it!  But that was too sweet not to share. :)

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  1. We clean the house every Saturday morning if I don't have overtime. We use the overtime money I earn to fund our Reeces Rainbow adoptions. When there's overtime, Dad lets them sleep in and cooks them a hot breakfast. When there isn't overtime, mom(that's me) gets them up early and we do a major cleaning project. So now my kids are excited when mom gets Saturday overtime. Maybe this will make it easier on them if we're ever called again to do another adoption.