Friday, February 18, 2011

God did it again! (with some help from you all!) iPad update!

We've met the next goal for the iPad giveaway!!

I am amazed at what God is doing through this!  Online we are at $5,800 and offline another $4,000!

The grand total... $9,800!

I just talked to Meghan this morning and they are so grateful to everyone who has donated to help Masha come home!  It's amazing to see the total grow.

Now... here is what your donations have provided:
airfare: $5,600
legal fees: $1,000
transportation in country: $2,000

we are $1200 into our next goal of $2,100 for their first trip food and lodging!

The next goal amount for the Chip-In to show is $6,700!  We're only $900 away!

Let me tell you a little more about the Dickinson family...  They are not only a Christian family that stepped out to love two orphans with Down syndrome two years ago, but also a family who despite their financial circumstances in not being able to provide the entire adoption cost for Masha, stepped out in HUGE faith, believing that God was bringing Masha home despite their circumstances.  Now, I didn't ask Meghan if I could share this so hopefully she doesn't mind :).  I KNOW that they can provide for their children in their home ONCE they are home.  No doubt about that!  They are great with all of their kids and adding Masha will be a definite blessing to them and, of course, to Masha!  But reality is reality.  And international adoption is expensive.

Much like our experience with Aleksa, the western part of the country, where their Masha is, is a much more expensive area to adopt from.  Aleksa's facilitation fees alone were $3,000 more than Wesley's due to the area she was in.  The Dickinson's adoption is much the same, with a higher facilitation fee and a lot of unknowns about their travel and housing costs.  They, too, will be the first to adopt a child with Down syndrome from the orphanage that they're going to!

At the beginning of this fundraiser, the Dickinsons had a mountain to climb to get to Masha.  Through your generous donations, that mountain is becoming a hill!  Please continue to SHARE this give-away with your friends and family, on FaceBook, blogs, wherever you can!  The mountain is smaller, but there's still a ways to go.

Let's meet our next goal quickly! Let's get to $10,700!  Let's show just how BIG our God is and how every piece-- big or small-- works together for the united goal!

We're looking for the ChipIn to reach $6,700 soon!!  (ChipIn ends on Friday, 2/25!)

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