Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Emma!!

Three years home, and your 8th birthday!
Sweet Emma, you came into our lives as a 'shock' and a surprise.  When we met you we didn't know how much we needed you in our lives.  You had so many surprises up your sleeve... some good and some bad... like the health concerns and difficult times medically and then the joy that you would take your first steps one day!

In the last year you've amazed us with your new communication and sign language, your sweet desire to be with us and be social, and of course your walking!

We are so proud of the sweet little girl you've become, of the things you've learned this year and the skills you're developing.  Most of all, though, we are proud because you are YOU and we are so blessed to be able to raise you.

We love you SO MUCH!   Happy 8th Birthday Emma!!


  1. Happy birthday Emma. You are my hero!


  2. I'm sorry I missed it but Happy Late Birthday Emma! Big hug from the Smith's!