Sunday, February 06, 2011

Uh oh

I think I’ve double-booked!

See these two days of calendar entries?


I have NO IDEA why PT eval is crossed out and written the following week.  I don’t remember doing that (but it IS my writing!).  I made an ortho appointment for Wesley on the 7th (the other thing written is Michael has a leadership team meeting).  Now… I wonder if I had my dates off, or if I really DO have Aleksa’s PT eval tomorrow morning (at 8:30) AND Wesley’s ortho appointment (an hour away) at 9:55?  That’s cutting it tight!  Hmm…  Guess I’ll find out in the morning!

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  1. Oh I did that last week! I have a calendar that shows 4 months at a time, one right below the other. I really dislike this calendar A LOT! I have a tendancy to write things on the wrong month. Sometimes I write them on the wrong day. Last week with Axel's MRI I was SURE I had written it on the wrong day. Weds morning when I woke up in the hospital with Angela I had that feeling I get when I'm sure I made an error and there is no way I can fix it. By about 10:00 I couldn't stand it anymore and called the other hospital where the MRI was scheduled, and...miracle of miracles...I wrote it on the RIGHT DAY!!! I'm pretty sure God just switched it for me to save me the embarrassment.