Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Will you be my valentine? A post for the husbands and fathers and everyone else that needs a neat gift for their Valentine :)

I haven’t kept it as any sort of secret that we’re raising money for the Dickinson family’s newest addition-to-be, little Masha.  We’ve donated an iPad and are trying to raise first, the $5,000 for airfare for the Dickinsons to go over, then $1,000 for documents needed for Masha to come HOME!  Right now we have a $1,000 matching donation which we’re hoping will break the $5,000 limit and begin to chip away at the document fees!

Here’s where those husbands and fathers come in…

It’s also no secret that it’s hard to find a good gift for a woman for Valentine’s Day.  There’s always the traditional stuff, but sometimes you really want to think outside the box and get something that’s super-personal to her and that she’ll know you put your own heart into.

And here’s where the two come together…

Please consider a donation in honor of your Valentine!  Donate NOW and it will DOUBLE (because of the matching gift).  Not only that, but a week or two AFTER Valentine’s day, there’s even a chance that your generous gift would then turn into an iPad for you (*cough cough… or her…)!

If you make a note in the Paypal donation (not on the blog!) that you’re making this donation as a Valentine’s Day Gift, I will include your name, a very brief note, and your Valentine’s name in a post on February 13th!  You can include a note with a link to this blog (now with the ‘easy address’ of !!) in your Valentine’s Day Card and your bride or daughter or other special person (hey, guys might like it too!) can find their name and a special note from you, knowing that they were a part of bringing home Masha.

Don’t wait! :)  The matching money is available now!!

((And ladies, please don’t be shy in sharing this post with your men… everyone needs a little help sometimes! :)  ))

Link to the Give-Away!:

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  1. I LOVE the idea of a Valentine donation!!
    You should put a link to the giveaway post in each of your posts so that people know where to go.