Monday, January 10, 2011


Nope, not swearing, we have POOP!

Never been so excited for poop, and my mom will smack me when she reads this (because she, understandably so, wasn't as excited about it!).

Wesley has some issues with constipation.  Like... I've never had him poop any 'normal' or real amount on his own.  It has had to be assisted with once, and then when we came home we began Miralax powder (a full capful daily) and he still hadn't gone since beginning it on the 6th.  Today... We have poop!

It also just happened to coincide with the flu shot appointments that I had for James, Kristopher, and Emma... so my mom happened to be at the house with Wesley, Lynae, and Aleksa when it 'broke loose'.  My mom offered to stay an hour and a half and keep the kids longer so I could pick up the other 4 from school without having to load the car (and the boy that keeps pooping everywhere)... but I suggested that she go home and change her OWN pants... that he pooped on!  Poor mom.  First babysitting time for Wesley and he pooped all over her!

In other (not so poopy) news, Wesley and Aleksa were both good (and of course Lynae was) for her, and the morning went without hitch for her and for my doctor's appts for the other kids.  The rest of the day we have NO PLANS except for school pickup, which is really unheard of!  YAY! :)

This week promises to be much like the last, and really next week will be too.  We have at least 4 appointments each week, several for multiple kids.  Today 3 went to the pediatrician (this was visits 6,7, and 8 to the ped so far in 2011 and general doctor visits number 16, 17, and 18 this year).  Tomorrow we have a school rep meeting, Wednesday an Endo appointment for Brianna, Thursday Lynae's 15 month checkup (yes, she's 16 mos but I was gone and wanted to take her for shots myself).  Next week we have an ENT follow up for Brianna, GI for James, and shots for Brianna, Wesley, and Aleksa.  Sounds like fun, right?? :)

Thankfully, after January our doctor's appointments will DRASTICALLY decrease!  February is still a bit busy but after that there's only one or two a month-- or maybe none at all :)

We are planning and getting ready for my sister's wedding in March!  So yesterday we went to Orlando and exchanged a gift Mike bought me (not because I didn't like it... but because I already had it...).  Each time we've had a baby or adopted, he's given me a Willow Tree figurine.  For Christmas he gave me a boy and a girl :).  Now there are 8 little people and 2 parents on our "FAMILY" shelf in the living room.  I love having a full shelf :)

We also bought supplies for the shower as well as tights and socks for some of the kids (on clearance :) ) to wear with their adorable little outfits (Elizabeth bought them for the kids for Christmas!).  This was our first family outing with all 10 of us aside from church.  It went well, the kids did great, and though there were stressful moments of (Wesley especially) the kids being antsy about waiting on something, it went as well as can be imagined.  

One of the definite high points (or... LOW...) of the day was when I took the girls to the restroom at Target.  I asked Aleksa if she was done (she hadn't peed) and she hopped right off the toilet.  Unfortunately, she had JUST started peeing!  So, now there was pee ALL over the place.  On the seat, the floor, her pants... UGH!  I plopped her back on the toilet to finish then cleaned her up as best as could be done in a public restroom with no diaper bag then had her stand away in "time out" for "peeskaing" on the floor. (peeska is Russian for pee).  ICK!  I dabbed at anything wet on the floor without getting too gross myself and cleaned off the toilet seat so Brianna go... Who knows what else was already on that floor... but it was certainly already far from clean.

Anyway, we purchased a new pair of pants at WalMart (because I didn't have any with me) that were cheap and now they are my diaper bag pair!  And, I know to be VERY careful before asking if she's done when she's going potty.  After all, I don't really want to wash her shoes every time I take her to the bathroom!  On a side note, I don't think she understands the concept of "all done?"  I know Emma still doesn't...  I think she simply took my extended hands as a "get off now" and not as a question.  She didn't seem to be intentional about peeing everywhere.

And so, the many adventures of the Cornish ten continues... if it's not one thing, it certainly is another!

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  1. Ooooh, I know how exciting Poop can be - especially spontaneous poop!! Yay Wesley! Our Marissa has always been on high doses of Miralax but due to her low tone could never push it out and would only poop once every 7-10 days. We started her on on daily glycerin suppositories and after about a week she started having spontaneous daily poops without the suppositories. She's been doing great for the last couple of months.