Saturday, January 15, 2011

No excuses

I know I have NO excuses for not blogging, and you wouldn't believe me anyway if I said I was so busy I couldn't stop to write it all out (again-- I DID do their medical blogs ;) ).

So... here's a rundown of Thursday and Friday:

Thursday started with Lynae's 15 (she's 16 mos) month checkup.  She is GROWING well now that we started Pediasure in October.  She is 18.5lbs and is on the same growth curve as previous visits so that is good :)

I brought the doctor Brianna's bloodwork results and she compared the two (Lynae's and Brianna's).  They are surprisingly similar.  I told her the things Endo had shared with me about Brianna's and she expressed the same concerns.  She ordered the same bloodwork with some added things because of the liver functions being off on Lynae's and didn't repeat the thyroid panel since Lynae's was fine before.  She also wanted to do an echo on Lynae since she heard a slight murmur.  It's likely a functional murmur not a structural murmur and one of the issues Lynae has would cause it to be louder.  So we'll do an echo soon (scheduled for Tuesday but we can't make that appointment...).

From there (after 2 hours of being there...) we ran through McDonald's and picked up chicken nuggets, ran by the house and met up with Mike's mom and dropped Lynae off and scarfed down lunch.  Then Aleksa and Wesley and I jumped back in the car and drove to the neurologist.

I had gotten a call Wed to go early by 30 min to our appointment.  So we arrive at 1232 after having a hard time finding it.  Then we sat there until TWO PM!  When we got in there, said our "hello's" and the basic "adopted from Ukraine" spiel, then I got out my notebook to tell her the specifics that I was told in UA.  And... her cell phone rang.  She said it's the hospital, she needed to take the call.  For 10 minutes.  She hung up and I again said "he was born at 30 weeks and was the second pregnancy of his mother" and her phone rang again!  She answered saying "I promise, last time!" and it was... and it was a much faster call... but it was now 2:15 and we were starting the initial appointment!

Short version, we're going to do a sedated MRI, a sleep deprived EEG, and some picture that she wants from the opthalmologist (which she wrote me a script note for).  I was home by 3:00 and back out the door by 3:15!

Mike's mom had been at the house when Mike brought the kids home from school, so she had 6 at home and I dropped off Aleksa and Wesley to her and picked up Lynae and Brianna to go redo their bloodwork.  Figuring it would take less than an hour I was ok leaving A and W (isn't that a funny initial combo?) and we headed to the lab.  We got there at 3:32.  Apparently it closes at 3:30.  So we went to the pharmacy instead.

And at the pharmacy we were met with that great realization that it is, again, the beginning of the deductible year and we dished out over $400 for just 3 of the boys' daily medications.  The other 2 won't be refilled for another week or two.

Anyway, home we went, reheated leftovers (our previous family life group from church has provided some meals for us which we are SO GRATEFUL FOR!!!) and had supper.  By the time Michael made it home (late, there was an issue at work), we did teeth, meds, and off to bed for the kids!

Friday... we got 4 kids off to school then I took 4 kids to the lab.  Brianna and Lynae had their blood draws then I took Brianna to school.  She was REALLY happy about going to school which is always good!

From there I took the other 3 kids to WalMart for a few things including groceries.

Stupid act of the week for me:  I hurt my wrist... driving.  Seriously, I hadn't driven for almost 2 months straight and then we bought this new van almost immediately when I got home and it has stiff steering. So driving it how I always did... with my left hand... hasn't paid off!  I bought a support brace to wear at least while I'm driving for a little while.  It HURTS! LOL  I wore it yesterday and just used a loose wrap at night for it and today it's not nearly as painful.  I'll wear it for at least a little while, tho, until it's feeling better!

We came home for lunch and naps then back to the school to pick up the kids.  In the afternoon the kids played, I attempted to catch up on things around the house and played with them some, then a friend from church brought supper.  We ate, and EVERYONE that eats solids ate it!  WOW!  Even miss PICKY Brianna! :)  It was a delicious chicken casserole!  Then meds, baths, teeth... bed... and... MIKE AND I WENT OUT!

My parents came over and sat with the kids for 2 hours so Mike and I could just get out a little bit without kids and without folding laundry as we talked :).  It was a nice little get-away but of course we were both so tired that we mostly just drove around town then went to Starbucks for some hot chocolate and Target for a few things Mike wanted to pick up.  Then back home, and we had some pie (our friends brought it with dinner but we didn't have it with supper) with my parents before they left.

WHEW.  A whirlwind of a week!

As far as testing and results for the girls, we were thinking we'd hear by Tuesday but with Monday being a holiday, it may be Wednesday before we get the results.  We are praying that they are "just a fluke" and that this round is completely NORMAL results!!

We'll schedule Wesley's things after Tuesday since everywhere is closed until then.  They're no 'rush' so they'll happen over the next month before our neuro follow up in a month.

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  1. Wow what a week! We just went through the blood testing with our 15 month old, they thought her red blood cells looked small, as in the actual cells themselves, not the count. Turned out to be a human error in measurement, but now her lead blood level is a little high, so we're moving in with my in laws until we can refinish the floors :) Sorry long drawn out comment. But we are praying for energy for you & hubby, and for good results for your little ones :)