Wednesday, January 05, 2011

He's sleeping...

I took my laptop into Wesley's room and just sat next to him typing so he knew I was there, but I wasn't interacting directly with him (keeping him awake and making him notice when I left).  I typed up the Q&A post (below) and by the time Michael and Kristopher got home, he'd just fallen asleep.  Now he's in a good sweet slumber and tomorrow will be a new day.

Mary-- I do sing to my kids constantly (and half of them aren't real songs LOL) but tonight I felt like bringing him out of his room would be a bad idea since he was REALLY tired and needs to learn that that's where we sleep... And Brianna was already asleep in there when he started crying.  She's not 100% quite yet and was really tired.  So, tonight, he got the CD player singing and just my firm hand on his arm then just my presence next to him.  He did great once I got my own attitude fixed :)

It's great to have so many people that really understand what it's like to have a new little one home that can't express themselves and just don't understand what's happening.  I don't expect him to be grateful for us bringing him home.  In fact if anything I think he should be resentful based on the limited knowledge he has about the situation (his own fate, etc).  But it doesn't make it all that much easier to deal with a child that's throwing an all-out fit and fighting you at every move.

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  1. Thanks for being real, we are taking tips. I wrote a comment when you went out in Nov about our situation. We are starting the form filling to adopt a girl with DS who will be 6 soon here in our country. Are you still running a group for people to share ideas? I love hearing how your family is growing. Bless you Jill C