Thursday, January 06, 2011

No afraid of naked :)

I love all the comments about the babydoll undressing!  Some of you totally cracked me up :)

Here's a little more info/ answers to commenters' questions...

No, I'm not afraid of naked! LOL!  I only dislike them undressing the baby dolls since it's purely deatructive at the moment.  They aren't interested in changing their clothes, just on stripping the dolls.

The two kids doing it are actually both pretty good with fine motor.  Aleksa undresses and dresses herself with very little assistance needed aside from helping get things on the right way (not backward).  Lynae can also take most of her clothes off but isn't quite to dressing herself yet...

Anyway, love the suggestions and ideas... keep them coming and I love to hear your own experiences with naked tribes of Barbies and Groovy girls!

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  1. I'm totally with you. I guess one way to explain's like a kid that empties the toy box everyday, multiple times a day and doesn't clean it up.
    S/he is not looking for something's just something to do. It's destructive. Not my idea of therapy.