Friday, January 21, 2011

And the day just kept going...

As if my last post didn't sum up the type of day it was destined to be... well, this just might finish it up.  As I finished dinner and called the (happy and self-entertaining) kids out of the playroom to come eat, Kristopher walked into the kitchen with an open bottle of bubbles.  As he walks through the gate he grabs the wand out and pours a bunch of bubble solution on the floor.  And didn't notice.

As I tell him to STOP and then look at the trail he's left behind him, I realize that he's been using bubbles (after I'd just told him that it wasn't allowed) for the last little bit out on the porch and that 1/2 of the bubbles container is now on the porch!  And already smeared all over from everyone walking through it...

And now it was also in the walkway from the porch to the kitchen and over a portion of the kitchen.

I got out a damp rag and just started getting some of the wetter spots with that so we didn't spread it all around MORE, and got the kids all to the table.  Then I went into the refrigerator to get out the milk and get everyone's drinks together and out falls a glass container of olives!  And it, of course, shatters on the floor!

So now there are bubbles all over the porch and part of the family room and kitchen and there are olives and olive juice all over the other half of the kitchen along with glass shards.  There are 8 kids at the table, my husband wasn't home, and dinner wasn't QUITE finished.

I got everyone food and between feeding Wesley bites I cleaned up the liquid then the glass shards and went over it with a damp cloth when Michael appeared home from work.

He was a pretty smart man to say "Our mop is gone, and I think maybe you would like me to do bed time and you can go spend a good 2 hours buying a mop and walking around at the store."

And yes, I took him up on it!  I spent 2 hours wandering through Wal-Mart and I even remembered the mop.

Now, I wonder when he was actually planning on mopping since he's in the office on the computer?? :)

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  1. You are in a very busy season of life right now (I am too)! I'm praying for you to endure all of the minor emergencies, frustrations, and the daily workload... yet being filled with MUCH joy as you love on these little ones. Have you heard of cooking for a month plan? It's a book that teaches you how to prep meals for 30 days....only cook 1 day and then you are set for 1 month of things in the freezer. Just an idea. Also, welcome volunteers to come help you! When I was in high school I helped a mom who adopted 11 special needs children...I did whatever she needed and I'm so glad because not only was it a blessing to her but I learned so much too and it has opened my own heart to SN kids as an adult. Don't try to do it all yourself! Let other christians help:
    "Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ." Galatians 6:2 With love in Christ, Sandi