Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another day, more not-so-good news...

Yesterday I posted about Lynae's liver function tests being abnormal and her being anemic.

Today we went to the Endocrinologist with Brianna (we, being 4 kids and myself making a sweet little (well behaved!) parade through there...) and I was met by some more surprises.  Those of you with kids with disabilities know these kind of surprises because what started out being a routine visit turns into the beginning of something else.  And you only ever think you'll get "news" about the subject-at-hand.

Without typing 10 pages worth of details, the gist of the conversations went like this:

"So Brianna's being followed by Hematology (blood doctor), right?"
"Um... NO, why??"

And then some explanations about how her bloodwork... drawn in August but "oops not looked at" until our appointment showed not only her TSH (thyroid hormone) being high (which we were expecting and is why she was being monitored), but... she also is anemic... Not just "anemic take some iron supplements" (TONS of people are, and I have been several times in my life as well), but anemic in a sense of possibly something more going on because of the type of cells that something something something and we should have been seeing hematology.  A bunch of numbers in her blood work are all low and icky (and a few high).

Tomorrow we go to the pediatrician to follow up for Lynae, and I asked for a copy of Brianna's blood work to take with me as well.  Being that both sisters have anemia, we will need to look into the type of anemia that Lynae has as well to figure out whether we're dealing with the same thing in both girls.  Plus figure out what's up with Lynae's liver (which could be related)

It could be nothing.  Or it could be something.  Now we have the fun job of finding out.

Faith is trusting in the unseen.  Faith in the 'easy' times is easy.  True faith shows when the hard times come and the trust doesn't wane or fade.  

We trust.  Faith doesn't stop when things don't look as pretty.  And it doesn't stop when it's our "healthy" kid that's affected.  And it doesn't stop when it's our "biological" kids that are affected.  Faith is faith.  OUR KIDS are OUR KIDS!  ALL of them!  Either there IS a God, and He is Good!  or there isn't.  And I believe that there is!!  He is good.  ALL the time


  1. Oh goodness-when it rains! I pray you will have a blanket of peace and hope tomorrow as you (hopefully swiftly) get answers for your daughters. God bless-I am off to pray...

  2. We just went through this with our daughter, it turned out to be nothing, a blip and I am praying that this is true for your two as well. On the other hand Lucy's lead levels came back high-normal so we have now since wiped every surface in the house and washed all of her toys; we're still going to end up moving until we can get renovations done to this house though :)
    Walk by faith just like our marriage vows said, "sickness and in health, for richer or poorer" i will praise Him in this storm!

  3. praying my friend....

  4. Praying for you here, Meredith - for grace and strength and divine power against the fears of 'what if'.

    karen shervheim

  5. Meredith,

    We are thinking of you guys and praying for the girls.
    Love you guys. Hugs

  6. Thinking of you all Meredith....and praying for really good results!