Saturday, January 15, 2011

Potty talk

I'm one PROUD momma today!

I have one BIG girl that is staying dry all day and most nights!  She's only wet once in the daytime this week.. YAY ALEKSA!  We're not that far from getting back into JUST Underwear! (but while we're in the 2-dr's apts/day with 4-6 kids in tow... she'll hang in a pullup for a little longer...)

And I have one BIG girl that is using the toilet and is initiating it as well!  She's been in underwear a while now with an accident here and there, but this week has been GREAT!  YAY BRIANNA!

And... one LITTLE girl that decided this week that it's her turn to go potty with the big kids!  So, out came the tiny toilet that was waiting for her, and she has had a BM in the toilet THREE times this week and has peed in the toilet twice! WOW!  YAY LYNAE!

There are SEVEN, yes, SEVEN kids in diapers right now at our house, so I am VERY glad for these potty milestones!  On another happy note, James, Micah, and Emma all usually have their BMs in the toilet even though they are often wet between, and they all will use the toilet almost every time they're put there every day.

We haven't done a formal 'schedule training' for our kids, but we do take them all at specific times of the day.  Immediately after getting up, before or after lunch (depending on how the day is going!), after nap, before dinner, and before bed.  Sometimes one time will slide a bit, but that's generally when they all go potty.  We have 4 tiny potty seats in the bathroom plus the throne which E and A share.  Wesley's not using the toilet at all right now because he cannot sit and he freaks when the idea's brought up.  Until we find out about the severity of his dislocated hips we won't push the issue.

So, our good news for the weekend :)


  1. Yay for toilet-training kids!

    Wesley will want a toilet seat like this, I think - it's what most people with CP and a non-symmetrical body shape use. That link is a UK company, but I know that US equivalents exist.

    The moulded seats that these guys do will likely be what he'll use generally, and can be used as seating systems in powerchairs when he gets one (which should be ASAP, by the way - read up on Learned Helplessness, ignore the doubters and go for it - total lack of independent mobility is a developmental emergency).