Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I know, it’s been a while… and I haven’t really taken that many pic’s to start with… but here’s what I have!

Wesley in the Kimba stroller before we finished adjusting it.  He makes the goofiest faces, but he LOVES being able to be upright and see everything!  Right now we’re using the stroller mainly just for feeding since we don’t have another highchair that would fit him well.  It’s very heavy to load and unload 20x on doctor’s days so we are using a basic umbrella stroller for the many appointments for now…


Snack time… cheetos!

DSCN9200 DSCN9201

The hooded caper.  Can you name that child?


Another of goofy boy’s grins, complete with some cheetos


We played outside on the playset the other day.  It was just starting to get cool enough in the evening to need jackets…

Another hooded boy.



DSCN9209 DSCN9210

Emma at the attached little picnic table


James trying to help Daddy…


Micah getting in trouble for pushing James…


Aleksa not so happy to be there at that moment…


Wesley just taking it all in (he enjoys being outside and we’ve tried the swing… but he’s not quite ready yet.  He’s still scared of it!)


Mike on the playset putting the tarp on and James ‘helping’ again… sorry it’s blurry!


Brianna just chilling…


I believe Kristopher had decided to run laps around the house by this time, so no pictures of him!


  1. I'm getting an Emma vibe from the "hooded caper" kid photo ;)

  2. I suppose it could be James though . . . ;)

  3. they really are beautiful! so happy to see wesley all happy and even healthy looking. and look how much they have all grown! my girls tell me that in Ukraine they only grow a little at night times but NAP times they grow A LOT. (probably a ploy by the nannies to get them to sleep lol) but clearly your kids are getting plenty of naps they are getting so big!

  4. I love the pictures. Thanks for sharing. Your family is just beautiful. You are one lucky Mama :)

  5. looks like lots of FUN going on there :)