Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My nose

I bought a 4-pk of Ghirardelli (sp?) chocolate 'mugs' filled with goodies for Mike to give away at Christmas to a few people.  We had one left.  It's after Christmas... it was calling my name!

So, I unwrapped it and heated some milk in the mug.  I popped a peppermint in my mouth from the container then realized it was a HARD peppermint, not a soft one.  So, in all my brilliance, I decided I'd have PEPPERMINT hot Ghirardelli chocolate... YUM.

And I spit the peppermint out into the cup of hot milk.

And it splashed right back up in my face and felt like someone had BIT my nose!  OW! LOL

So... you all were close, but no cigar.  Except for Chris, because after his comment, he probably deserves the cigar :)

Blessings, and goodnight... tired momma is off to bed (and yes, my nose feels better!)

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