Sunday, January 30, 2011

The whirlwind weekend

After Friday's ear tubes for James we had a pretty low key day.  Mike brought the kids home from school for me and we had BBQ take-out for dinner.  That was the end of the low-key :)

Saturday was my sister's Bridal Shower!  I'm so excited for her and her fiancee!  They came in on Thursday night and are here until Monday, though we only saw them on Saturday.  Mike was on Daddy Duty all day Saturday and kept 7 of the kids for me to go set up for and do Elizabeth's shower, then I came home just briefly to help out then get ready to go back out that evening.  We had a "bachelorette" party for Elizabeth consisting of appetizers at her friend's house then taking an "O Cartz" (that was interesting!) over to Urban Flats for dinner.  I headed home with two of the other "mommy" friends of hers and got home about midnight.  Elizabeth and Jim (her beau) and their friend that had flown down for the shower were headed to Sea World today so they stayed at a friend's house in Orlando.

Today's been a lazy Sunday :)  We went to church this morning and then EVERYONE laid down for naps.  I'm not sure that Michael ever fell asleep but I did!  Emma, Kristopher, and Brianna laid down and watched a movie.  This evening Mike made chicken for supper and we did baths and our night time routine then got the kids down around 7.

Tomorrow Michael and I are headed to Jacksonville to the Down syndrome clinic with Aleksa AND James!  They were able to get him in at the last minute due to a cancellation so that is helpful!  Mike will go with me (we have to have an adult with each child being evaluated) and Wesley will come along too.  My mom and dad are getting the other kids out to school int he morning, hanging on to Lynae for the day, and then picking the kids up from school.  We'll be home just a little while after school gets out, hopefully!

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