Saturday, January 15, 2011

Keeping him in the loop

This blog has always been "our family's" way of communicating with friends and family, but... it has always been me that writes, and occasionally Michael has read.  Since Michael works at the church where several others follow our blog or my FB (which posts my blog on it), there were often people saying "Is Brianna feeling better?" or "How did James' doctor's appointment go?"  The best one... "I hear Meredith is sick today and stressed out... you guys need anything?" when he had no idea anything was going on for any of them :)

And so... I found this very nice little thing that we now use so that Michael gets the blog posts sent to him via email (which he checks all day long) and so that he doesn't get in trouble when he gets home (LOL!). 

In the settings area of Blogger there is a tab that says Email and Mobile.  The first thing says you can add up to 10 email addresses for the blog to be automatically sent to.  It won't send videos but I do believe it sends photos.  It's great!!  Now he gets a quick email each time I post to the blog and he knows what's up at home without me having to call him and say "by the way, I posted stuff on my blog".  Generally, we talk about things as well!  But... when he's working and I'm writing... well, this works :)

An added benefit?  I also added him so that he gets emails of all of the medical updates on all of the kids.  We chat in person on those, of course, but then he also gets the 'quick version' with the 4-5 lines of info about what specifically was done/came out of the appointment.

If you have someone special to you that sometimes feels like they're out of the loop when you blog and they can't check it during the day, there's just one little way you can help them to stay up to date even when they can't check in.

** Side note: No, I'm not adding more people to get those emails of mine, but there are blog reader applications and programs which can do similar things as well.  I suggest google reader! **

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