Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Malone Family

Isn't he a cute little baby??  His name will be Ethan soon, and he's just adorable!  Wearing a 12 months sweatshirt and a pair of 12 months overalls in that photo (taken when I had the joy of meeting him in September), he weighed about 15 or 16 pounds at that time I would guess.  So petite and tiny just like any baby should be... right?  Except... that Ethan is SIX YEARS OLD.

Ethan has Down syndrome and an associated issue which caused him to need a colostomy.  That means that instead of digesting his food, it almost all 'runs out' of the hole in his side where he has bowel movements instead of going through his entire digestive system.  People can live with this, but obviously Ethan isn't getting what he REALLY needs to be in order to have enough nutrients to learn and grow!

He is so tiny and needs surgery as well as a LOT of love and care!  The Malone family is up for the challenge!

Not only are the Malones living out James 1:27 (to care for the orphans!) but Chris is a full time music minister at his church, and his beautiful wife, Mary, is a full time mom to their kids.  I can speak from experience in saying that it isn't exactly an easy thing to manage a large family on a single ministry income :).  Then, to do an international adoption that you know God has called you to... that takes another level of faith!  And THEY HAVE IT.

Now, they need the funds.  The Malones are doing a give-away on their blog of... an IPAD!  Yep, one of those coveted new toys which is not only great for on the go work, but also for special needs kids!  Michael has one for work and was able to bring it to Ukraine with us.  We used it constantly as we were out and about, and Wesley quickly figured out that even he could 'draw' on it with his fingers on one of the apps.

Eventually, we hope to get one of these for the kids for communication and learning!  Maybe we'll win it ;)

But right now I wanted to not only tell you all about the Malones and ask for prayer for their journey, but to share this opportunity to donate (they need it!) and to have the added benefit of the opportunity to be able to be entered to win this IPAD (you know you want it!) at the same time!

The Malones have an appointment this month at the SDA!  HURRY!!  Their give-away closes on January 22nd (a great day to be born *ahem* and I don't mind you donating whatever you planned on buying a birthday gift for me with to their adoption! LOL).  A winner will be chosen on January 23rd.

You can view the Malone family give-away at http://themalonefamily.us/?p=2548

ENTER NOW! (This link should say "Ukraine Ministries of Oklahoma" when it links to paypal, and all donations are tax deductible)

Your chances to win…

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