Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Ok, so this was 2 nights ago, but I have to write about it simply so that I remember it.  I don't think I have laughed so hard, looking back at an event, in quite some time!

On Sunday night when we got back from Orlando and had dinner, we got the kids ready for bed, medicines administered, teeth brushed... and myself and 6 of the kids had just gone into the hallway where their bedrooms are.  When the power started flashing I started looking at where all the kids were.  It was weird... it flashed on and off about 4 times for about 1 second each on/off then went off completely.  So my quick headcount had Aleksa, Micah, James, Lynae, Brianna, and I was holding Wesley.  Kristopher was just a few feet behind me.

It was almost 7pm, and it was SO DARK I couldn't see my hand in front of my face.  Not just because my eyes hadn't adjusted, but because there seemed to be no moonlight and it was PITCH black!

I grabbed up Lynae, knowing she would probably be the first to freak out and hoping that everyone else wouldn't follow suit.  Then, I quickly and calmly said "Ok, lights out, let's get in our beds" and set one of the kids down then reached down to pick James up and put him in his bed.  He wasn't very cooperative about it (tho he couldn't see to cooperate, I guess) and I zipped up his crib tent.  Brianna was wimpering and I tried to get her to go sit on Micah's toddler bed (YAY, he's slept in it 3 nights and aside from falling out a few times and me finding him on the floor, he's doing great!).  She didn't want to.  Then, I found the next little fuzzy haired child and said "Micah, climb up on your bed."  When he didn't go, I took his arm and went to help him along on his way.  He let out a little exasperated "I don't want to" which sounded more like "AHILINGBAIL" and I realized with a chuckle that it wasn't Micah!  Nope, it was JAMES.

So... I put the other child in my arms down (now everyone was calm thankfully, tho it was still pitch black) and I picked up James, then went and rescued Micah from James' crib!  Then I put Aleksa in her bed and raised the side (She's in the adapted bed for a little while at least so there's no concern about either wandering or inappropriate behavior at night... safer that way until we know what risks there are.  She has, after all, spent the last 3 years in a mental institution with girls ages 4-35...).

Michael came in about then with his computer and opened the laptop up so it illuminated the room a bit.  Then off he went for flashlights and candles.  Now the room with 7 kids (Kristopher had come in) was lit, but Emma was still not there.  I told the kids to stay put (as if they'd want to leave into the depths of darkness...) and I went into the other room to get Emma.

I'd last seen her laying on the beanbag chair waiting for her turn to go to bed (she and Lynae's room isn't in the same hallway as the other kids).  I called out to her.  "Hi Emma!"  Nothing.  "Emma, say "mama" ".  Nothing.  "Emma, Hi!"  Nope.  Not happening.  I felt along the floor with my foot, not wanting to step on her and not even knowing if she was still in that room since Michael could have grabbed her and taken her with him.  I found the beanbag and reached down to find something fuzzy.  A leg?  No, an arm... there was a head not far from it :).  I said again "Hi Emma!" and nothing.  Oh well... and I picked her up and felt my way back to the kids' room.

There they were, 4 of them huddled around the computer staring at.. nothing.  Just light I guess?

We decided now would be a good time to sing a song, and Kristopher went and got our Daily Devotional book which we hadn't done that day.  I really like this one, by the way- 365 Veggie Devo's I think it's called, and it's 1/2 page for every day.  Long enough to get a point across, short enough for my kids to pay attention :)  ).

So, we sang, we read, and eventually Michael found the 3 'glowing' people thingies we have and we set one up in each of the kids' rooms.  Finally... off to bed!

It was quite the adventure, I assure you!  I couldn't believe just how dark it was!!

Our power was back on at about 9pm, and the house had dropped about 5 degrees without the heater on.  I was cold! :)

I was SO GLAD we'd already had the kids in their PJs and ready for bed!!

One more day in the adventures of the Cornish ten! LOL

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