Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The results are in...

I'll start with the best news first!

Aleksa's C-spine x-ray (looking for abnormalities in spacing of the neck vertebrae that people w/ Ds are at risk for) looks FINE!

Aleksa's bloodwork is also fine!

And of course the echo tech had told us that she didn't see any PDA or ASD's while we were there, so it sounds like she's clear on all fronts :)

Wesley's Chest x-ray was clear and no fluid!

Wesley's bloodwork was "up and down but nothing grossly abnormal".  I'll take that as good :)

His abdominal x-ray showed "moderate amounts of backed-up stool" which we expected (and have already begun to treat).

Lynae's bloodwork looked "mostly" ok, except...

Lynae is slightly anemic.  (We'll start her on some Iron)

Lynae's liver function panel showed "slightly elevated" results.  She told me the numbers, and depending on what "slightly" means, I guess that's true.  They are significantly more than the 'general' number that's given as normal.

So what does that mean?  Hopefully, it's a fluke.  We're praying that it is the case.  There were two tests run and both were elevated though, so it's likely not just a fluke.  It's possible that it was situational... she had just gotten sick or just gotten better (this result is actually from OCTOBER, but just got sent to the Dr since we did the "second half" of this bloodwork with the new kids this week.  I'm GLAD I didn't get that news in October tho!).

As far as what to do from here, Lynae has a well visit already scheduled for Thursday for her 15 month checkup.  We'll talk more then, but our pediatrician suggested a repeat blood test and an ultrasound of the liver as well as a referral to GI.

There's all sorts of "what this could mean" and we are ok just going with what it does mean for now... which is that we need to do a little more investigating.

The doctor commented that she had to check to make sure she had the right child's paperwork in front of her because it wasn't the Cornish kid that she expected to see unusual reports come back on.  It was, though... and we'll see where we need to go from here!

Thank you for praying with us for Lynae!


  1. I've only been following your blog for a short time so I'm not totally familiar with all your kids and their individual situations. But I was wondering, what prompted you to have blood work done on Lynae? Was there a particular reason?

  2. I will keep all your little angels in my prayers!!!yay for all the good news :) that's awesome!!!
    Jessica Reed :)