Thursday, January 06, 2011

the run down

School for 5
KAD (mom's morning out) for 1
Pediatrician visits for 2
Lunch with Dad (and 2)
Pick up KAD
Home for an hour
nap (kids, not me! DARN!)
Pick up at school for 5
Empty van of 8 carseats and all the 'fun stuff' that goes with kids
Empty van of a wheelchair and 3 strollers
6 kids picked up oranges and threw them in the trash while I cleaned out the van
Speech for 2
Dinner for 8
Baths for 7
Bed for 8
Then my mom came over and Dad and I drove a little over an hour because there was a miscommunication and Michael couldn't sign all the car paperwork.

Did I mention that Mike was only home for about 20 minutes today?  BUSY DAY!! :)

We now have a new (used) 15 passenger van!

And I'm exhausted :)

Tomorrow is an echo for Aleksa, x-rays for two kids and bloodwork for 2 kids and a sweet homeschooler from church is going to come with me to "supervise" the kids not in the x-rays.  YAY!

Tomorrow night is a BIRTHDAY PARTY for sweet Brianna!  Unfortunately, most of our guests are sick.  But we will party anyway :D

5:30 am is not even 6 hours away...


  1. do you do it? I'm totally drowning with my 4 kids and then I think of you and others who have even more and keep it together and get it done! You are my hero!

  2. I need a nap just reading that. You are one amazing mom.

  3. Meredith,
    Post a picture of everyone strapped into their carseats ready to go!
    We are on the lookout for a 12 passenger van for when we bring home our two new boys from EE!


  4. Congratulations on the new van, and Happy Birthday Brianna! Hope her party is fun!