Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Forced Play, and how DO you say "bring the empty milk bottle to me" in Russian??

Right now Wesley is being forced, against his will, to play with his siblings :).  He's a momma's boy which is great, but he needs to spend some time on the floor and playing too!  Not just in his wheelchair, but down WITH all the kids and playing with them!  So... he's on the toddler mattress on the porch and he's watching the goings on from 'almost' right where they are.

And he's not so much loving it, but he's tolerating it!  James wants to lay on the mattress with him and Brianna wants to rub his head and pet his face.  Emma was patting his back earlier when he'd rolled off the mattress (onto the padded floor-- no worries he's safe!).  Right now he's not loving it, but on and off he's stopped and started fussing and I do believe he's enjoyed himself at least a little bit :).

That's now... but earlier I needed that Russian dictionary! I kept James home today since he was spitting up a little more than usual yesterday and I wanted to make sure he isn't coming down with something before his ear tube surgery on Friday.  So, I was bringing James, Wesley, Aleksa and Lynae out to the car so we could go pick up the other kids from school and... as we walked out the door and found that the recycling was spread out across the front yard due to wind!

I brought Aleksa to the closest milk gallon and she picked it up.  I asked her to come with me and started walking toward the van to put Wesley down.  I thought she was following me.  She wasn't!  No, instead she was headed toward the neighbor's yard.  I said, wait, come here!  And,she put the milk bottle down.  I put Wesley in the car and asked her to come to me... and she picked up the Milk bottle... and headed to the neighbor's yard again!

It was quite comical having me keep trying to convince her to bring the milk jug TO me, as she looked at me, completely and totally confused, and trying to do what I was asking... except NOT, in any way shape of form...

In the end, she put the milk jug down on our property line and went and got in the car.  *Sigh*.  I should have just picked it up myself when we walked over to it! LOL

I really was TRYING to let her help me, since I know she enjoys being a helper and it's hard without language for her to help me very much.  This is just one example of my failed attempt to do it! :)

On another note, I heard back from cardiology today about Aleksa's and Lynae's hearts, and both have atrial issues, both need to be seen in the office at 6 months, but both are very minor.  It's likely that both are even the same thing...  but neither should still have it at their ages.  Aleksa's, the doctor was going to completely overlook until she found out she's 8 years old already.  So-- no worries, but a cardio visit in 6 months for both girls.


  1. Meredith, I don't know if you were serious about needing the Russian translation (and I know it's a bit too late), but if you want to say "Bring it here" you can say "Pri-nee-see eta sue-da", or last word "mne" instead of sue-da, would mean "bring it to me". :) Let me know if you need any other help:)