Monday, January 10, 2011


Last week Brianna and Micah went to the doctor and both weighted EXACTLY the same amount.  28.25 lbs.

Today I brought James to the doctor and guess what he weighs??  Yep, 28.25.  WEIRD?!

I also brought Kristopher today and Aleksa's appt was last week.  They are both 43 lbs!

Wesley is about 23 lbs now (gained about 1.5 lbs since his Embassy appointment) and I think he still outweighs Lynae.  She goes on Thursday, but her weight I expect to be more like 17/18 lbs.  I think Wesley will be catching up with Brianna, Micah, and James before Lynae is catching up with him, but you never know.

Emma's out on her own as well weighing 35 lbs.

For those of you who don't keep track of my kids' ages and such, here's a rundown:

Aleksa (8 since October)- 43 lbs
Emma (7, 8 in February)- 35 lbs
Kristopher (6, 7 in February)- 43 lbs
Wesley (5, 6 in February)- 23 lbs
Brianna (5 since last week)- 28.25lbs
James (4 since August)- 28.25lbs
Micah (4 since September)- 28.25lbs
Lynae (1 since September)- soon to see, about 17/18 lbs...

I also got two phone calls today, one that allowed me to schedule Aleksa to go to Hope Haven, our 'localish' Down syndrome clinic (in Jacksonville) THIS MONTH!  They usually have a 6 month wait but James was scheduled for March, Micah for August so we were on their cancellation list.  Though I didn't want to move those two up (due to my desire not to leave Aleksa and Wesley for an entire day or to try to wrangle them both during another child's 3 1/2 hours of appointments...) I asked if I could 'add an extra'.  I'm glad I could!

THEN, I got a neurology call for Wesley.  That was QUICK!  We only went to the pediatrician on the 6th (last Thursday) and he now has an appointment for THIS Thursday!  I'm excited to get the ball rolling quickly for him!

**ETA: Looking at the calendar... I wrote it down on the date for NEXT week, so I have to figure out whether I have it in my HEAD right, or the CALENDAR right...  Usually the calendar is right, but I was a week off in my thinking (thought I was going to be at next Tues's appointment tomorrow) while talking to her, so... who know! LOL**


  1. Children are all so different in their growth, even when biologically related! My little boy is the same age as Lynae (he was born at home 9/7/09) and he's 22.5lbs now. His 3 sisters were 18lbs, 15lbs and 24lbs at a year! The funny thing is, they all weighed the same (within an oz) at birth - just all grow at their own pace :o)

  2. Meredith,
    Since you are talking about weight, and food is related, could you do a post soon on how you prepare the pureed diets? You mentioned that there are 6 different diets around your table. We are planning bringing home two this year that both are pureed, plus Jacob needs pureed. I was just wondering if you found an easy way to do this in multiple servings. I don't like to use jarred babyfood, and prefer to give them what we are eating. Right now, we use a stick blender to do one serving at a time. This could prove to be very time consuming and texture variances are a problem. What do you do?

  3. That's great that Aleksa and Wesley are going to be abel to see their specialists very soon!

    I am also wondering why with your children with Ds seeing specialist that they have 3.5 visits with the Ds clinic? We took Micah to the Ds clinic once, and they told us as long as he was seeing specialists for his needs, they didn't need to see him besides. Can you explain what your Ds clinic visits include?

  4. It just makes me so happy to read about Aleksa ~ a part of your family FINALLY. What an incredible blessing! Praise the Lord. He is so good.