Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another week, another long list!

This week promises to be just about as busy as last week.  Didn't think that was possible?


Yesterday Brianna went to the ENT (yes, on a holiday) and she likely needs one ear tube to be replaced.  The other has an open hole so no tube was placed last round.  She's had constant issues with the one ear, though, and goes back in 3 weeks to determine if it's cleared up or whether they'll schedule the procedure.

Today we're off to GI and then to Endo both for James.  Lynae went to Mom's Morning out (called KAD) at the church this morning and 4 went to school, so it's Aleksa, Wesley, James, and I this morning!  Thankfully the appointments have some space between them but not SO much space... and both are 40 min-an hour in the SAME direction! YAY!  Mike's mom is taking Lynae after KAD and then will watch the others as well when Mike brings them home from school.  Scheduling has been nutty and we are grateful for grandparents' help when the appointments overlap school dismissal!

The rest of the week we have a pulmonology appointment, an echocardiogram, 3 flu shots and a set of 5 year shots and two award ceremonies at school... so far.  Probably looking at another visit or two this week as well once today and tomorrow are done with...

I made a fun bag of stuff to do while we wait at the doctors' offices, tho, since they're really getting just about as tired of them as I am :)  The diaper bag stash isn't feeling so "new" anymore!


  1. haha i just put new items in our bag too;)

  2. been there done that with multiple dr appt...no fun!