Thursday, October 16, 2008

What a day!

I've spent about 8 hours at this computer today! I'm getting everything ready for the Buddy Cruise and wow I was very far behind!

A few months ago Andrea Roberts asked me to join her on the Buddy Cruise and I was not only excited to go, but to spend the time with her as well! She was to speak briefly at one of the meetings and just generally be available for questions and advocate for RR while she was there. I intended to be her silent partner (haha, you know me better... but I would be there to support her anyway, not to do anything specific). What neither of us counted on was that this past week her plans would change without her ok! Andrea's husband just got a job in DC! He left on Monday to go up there and starts his new job this coming week (please keep the Roberts family in prayer as they prepare their move and while they are in 2 different states for a time!). In addition, Andrea's mother-- her babysitter for the cruise-- has had a setback and is having major joint issues in her knee and cannot drive. Especially not the 10 hours to Andrea's house! She can't take care of the boys either.

So this cruise that Andrea and I were going to enjoy together has now become a solo-event. Not completely solo because I do know others that are going, but solo as in- no Andrea :(

I'm so disappointed that she's not going to be there:( :(. I'm still glad for the people that I will meet- Shelley Bedford being one of them, but this also means that Andrea's responsibilities are falling to me for the cruise. I spent the 8 hours today preparing a photo-book with profiles of the ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY SIX available children in it and still have to print it! (In Andrea's defense she asked me to do this last week but.. um.. procrastination and busyness got the better of me!) Next I'll print out the booklets with the adoption process info that'll be available for whoever's interested in more info about the process. I made those up a few weeks ago I just need to print them all!

Thankfully my kids all had school today- 3 this morning and Emma this afternoon. The two babies took a good nap which was helpful as well! Mike will be home soon and the mac'n cheese is boiling :) There's a little more leftover pot roast and leftover ham from last night too (we had company).

I haven't started my laundry, thought about what I'm wearing or bringing with me, haven't finalized plans with the sitter for tomorrow, and haven't even eaten much other than a Starbucks Strawberry & Cream drink (which I bought at Target while getting some nice paper and extra ink so I could print these things!) today. Ah... but it will all work out :) Off to finish up and get some food!! Please pray that my little 3 minutes of time speaking this weekend will touch some hearts for adoption! The cruise is already aimed at Down syndrome... that's the easy part ;)


  1. The old saying, "When you want to get something done, ask someone who's already busy" certainly applies to you right now! I am sorry that you'll be going solo, but what a great opportunity, too. So much good is going to come from all your hard work!

    Hang in there - I suggest carrry-out, or better yet, pizza delivery for the next couple of days.

    Best wishes,
    Susan in Ky

  2. Praying that God will use you in a mighty way to reach many for our RR kiddos.

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  5. Wow, you have a captive audience of sorts. You'll do a great job and open many eyes and hearts, I just know it! Enjoy sleeping in a bit.

  6. Oh that sounds like fun! I know only one other person that is going on the cruise. I don't think I know more. Heck, thinking about it, maybe she isn't going now. lol

    Wow, sorry she doesn't get to go. And prayers for her mother and her family.