Sunday, October 12, 2008

The stinkiest, smelliest, most pee saturated sheets

I just put some sheets by that description into the washing machine. Seriously, I have four children. I've been a mother for 4 1/2 years. Before that I babysat for TEN years. I've seen my share of pee. But OH MY GOODNESS that was the smelliest stinkiest most saturated sheet and (thank goodness we had one on) mattress pad I've ever seen.

And we now know that Emma has some semblance of bladder control.

Yesterday while we were driving Emma drank at least 4 8oz bottles. That's 32 oz of liquid, and we never saw a good wet diaper. In fact, 2 diapers I changed were COMPLETELY dry, and a third might have had just a little bit wet, but not much at all. Emma's little belly was SO BLOATED! When we stopped we'd rob her tummy, take her diaper off and loosen it so she'd be comfortable, we took her pants off alltogether thinking that maybe they were constricting (jeans). Nothing worked. We spent 11 hours in the car and Emma didn't go at all!

Finally we got home, I laid her in her crib and went back out to get one of the other little guys. I changed Brianna's diaper and put her in PJ's then went back to get Emma and give her a clean diaper and pajamas (even though her diaper was dry when I brought her in... fresh is still good...). You wouldn't believe what I found! There was seriously a PUDDLE of pee with at least a 2' diameter and urine sitting on TOP of the sheets because it was still working its way out absorbing into the sheet and mattress pad (which is thankfully waterproof and didn't saturate the mattress as well). Her clothes were soaked and even her HAIR had pee in it. She had moved out of the puddle and left a second puddle in her new location. Her diaper was so huge, having absorbed its full extent before leaking onto the surroundings, that I could hardly believe that all that pee had really come from her! Not only that, she was wearing a diaper that was a full size longer than she usually wears in the daytime simply because it absorbs more!!!

Ok, so now you've gotten the longest, most descriptive post you'll see in a long time all about PEE.

And I think it stinks so bad because it has all kinds of 'extra' vitamins and such in it. I don't think she has a bladder infection, though if she kept that up I could see it happening quickly!

The good thing is that we now know she has some sort of bladder control...


  1. This is EXACTLY what Angela does when she has a UTI! However, her urine cultures usually come back clear until about the 3rd day. Angela RARELY has a temp from them and NEVER complains about pain. But the urine is SO STRONG, and that is a big indicator! And yes, Angela will go from 7:00 at night until 10:00 the next morning without peeing if you don't FORCE her to go. I swear she has a bladder of steel! Angela's Urine Cultures (UA's) usually come back positive for strep, ecoli and staph. Lovely huh?

  2. When I read the title of your post I could hardly wait to read it (well, umm...not exactly true!).

    My daughter has what we call an Industrial Bladder. She goes in the morning, and then again at night. It took us a long time to actually know if she was potty trained because she never needed to go. She'd go every time she'd change her clothes, and that was it.

    If you ever are waiting for Emma to pee, try the hand in warm water trick, or just plop her in the tub. Works every time. I actually used the hand-in-the-water trick to help my kids potty train early on. If they sat on the potty for a long time and didn't go, I'd give them a little sensory help to get things started so they could see/feel cause and effect, and how it felt to "release".

    Do you double sheet your cribs? I used to stack them 3 deep--waterproof mattress pad, sheet, mattress pad, sheet, mattress pad, sheet. That way all I had to do was remove the top 2 layers and I'd be ready for the next go 'round. Though I doubt that would have been helpful with the quantity Emma saved up for you!

  3. oh wow! She must have been so uncomfortable.

  4. Wow, that's a LOT of pee, lol. Poor punkin. I agree with the warm hand in water while sitting on the potty. Sounds like she's ready! But I'd also watch out for that UTI!

  5. I can't imagine how uncomfortable she was with all that liquid inside. I hope she's OK and no UTI is there. Emma's too cute! :)

  6. LOLOL--my blog post yesterday was about pee, too!!!

    Samantha's pee used to smell HORRIBLE--I used to call her a hamster when she woke up in the mornings, because it smelled like hamster pee. Ick. But suddenly it stopped. I'm not sure what may have changed in her diet, except that she stopped eating oatmeal for breakfast in favor of frozen waffles. Who knows??

  7. my daughter josie, who has spastic quadriplegia c.p. does this too. at our children's hospital they said it was common for kids with very involved cp to not go for long periods because of nerve damage and poor muscle tone. its kind of like a water balloon, if someone is able to squeeze it water will come squirting out, but if it is gradually filled up until it is full, then it has to overflow and go somewhere. so the theory is when josie's bladder gets full thats when it 'overflows' and she goes ALOT. if emma has had a big growth spurt, it could be that her 'balloon' is bigger now and takes longer to get full.