Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Last night

Mike and I had a team cooking effort and while he made pancakes I made bacon and eggs.  Yummy breakfast for dinner!  Then he wandered off to take care of something and I finished out cooking the rest of the pancake batter.  Mine were... um... not pretty, but they were still good!  In fact, Brianna liked Mommy's pancakes better than Daddy's :)  Want to know how I know?  Daddy put a pancake on her plate, cut it up, buttered it or whatever and left her to eat it.  After I brought my (ugly) pancakes she asked for one then picked it up and ate it!  She hadn't touched the ones on her plate ;)  It just goes to show that beauty isn't everything LOL  Actually I just wanted to tease Mike a minute that our 2 yr old has a preference to "Mommy's" pancakes! HA!

018  020 019

Just to show I'm a good sport, though, I honestly don't remember whose pancake was used for this next thing.  I just picked one up off the TOP of the pile.  Anyway, here's a few exciting photos for you...


Ok, maybe they're not exciting for YOU, but they're exciting for ME because Emma was EATING PANCAKES and really wanting more!  Maybe if you're not excited by the photos you can get just a little excited at the video?  This was a BIG THING for us!!

The rest of the evening we spent looking at this


and mostly just enjoying ourselves :)

001 003 004 021

Micah somehow avoided the camera...


  1. way to go EMMA!!!!! That is super, duper good!

  2. I DID get excited because I felt the same way when Jonathan started to eat "real" food and chew!! It is sooo awesome. People don't realize just how much work (and prayer) goes into getting our special little ones with sensory issues and no feeding skills to chew and eat! I for one am celebrating with you!

  3. I am jumping up and down inside my heart for Emma eating the pancakes. I loved the video! Glad the evening was blessed.

  4. Well, would you look at Miss Emma! Her pretty little face is actually getting chubby!! Hurray for the pancakes!

    And Brianna chose a perfickly be-oo-ti-ful pancake. One with lots of "character"...;-)

    I love the picture of your girls cuddling together on the floor. It looks like Brianna is restyling Emma's hair. They are looking more and more alike these days, with Emma's wonderful weight gain.

    It's clear that pancakes are a Cornish family favorite. And you've just inspired me for dinner tonight - spaghetti three nights in a row would be one night too many, but I have the makings of scrambled eggs, bacon, and pancakes with fresh strawberries on top. Nothing like "breakfast" at 6:00 p.m....

    BTW, Happy Birthday to Grandma! (she's a very young grandma, isn't she?...)

    Susan in Ky

  5. YEAH EMMA!!!! This is just so awesome! She will be eating everything she sees before too long!

    What a great way to end the evening@

  6. I always cry whenever I see Emma. And this video had me bawling. She is a far cry from the child you brought to the US. She is really blossoming, more and more beautiful each day. Thank you for sharing.