Friday, October 24, 2008

Tomorrow's Our Buddy Walk!

We'll be at the Cocoa Village Park bright and early! 8am-12pm we'll enjoy the festivities of the park and HOPEFULLY NOT IN THE RAIN! Two years ago our first buddy walk was a bit of a washout though we still enjoyed meeting everyone. The park tends to hold water- right in the middle- and it was more like a mud bath than a park :)

We're looking forward to a great day!

Here's our team this year:
Grandma and Grandpa Cornish (also working a tent for the Ben Cornish Memorial Fund)
Kelly (also doing face painting)
Grandmommy and Grandaddy Pocock
Sandy and Brady (and a few more maybe?)
Mike, Meredith, Emma, Kristopher, Brianna, and Micah
Am I missing anyone???

If you're still interested in adding to our sponsorship page, there's a link in the top right corner of my blog, we're so close to our goal!

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