Sunday, October 12, 2008

Overdue- cool stuff you should know about :)

One of my good friends, online buddies, and someone I met in REAL LIFE while we were both adopting our kids from Ukraine is doing her second international adoption right now!  Unfortunately, in addition to adoption being costly to start with, her adoption has taken a more difficult turn in that the country regulations have changed mid-process and her costs are going up even more! 

But... I'm not just posting her woes here for fun, actually I'm telling you this before I tell you the awesome fundraiser she's doing :)  She's raffling off a LAPTOP!  It's a cute little "mini" laptop!  Here's a pic of her little one, Lera, adopted from Ukraine in February 2008, holding it.


Isn't she adorable?  Hop on over to SHEILA'S BLOG and chip-in on the right side bar to get your chances to win the laptop!  Each entry is only $5 (ends Nov 3)




Another opportunity to help a family comes in the form of helping one special little boy FIND a family!  You might remember Oleg from posts in September when Stephanie was doing a raffle for a beautiful hand made quilt to raise money for Oleg's grant fund to help him find a family.





Stephanie's doing a new raffle for the same reason- to help Oleg find a forever family- and this time it's a custom Photo handbag!    Here are a few examples:



Aren't they neat?  This is a $100+ value!  Entries are $5 each, head over to STEPHANIE'S BLOG for more info and to enter! (ends Oct 31)


Here are a few more adoption raffles going on right now (take a look at their sidebars for chip-in info!):

McKenna, bringing home Reese: glass bead bracelet $5/entry (ends Oct 15)

Christina, bringing home Emerson: $100 and $50 Target gift cards, $5/entry (ends Oct 18)


If you'd like to donate directly to a family that's adopting you can always make a tax-deductable donation through their Family Sponsorship Page at and you can sponsor a waiting child at and find those that are at highest risk at


And another raffle going on for a beautiful handmade quilt.  Funds benefit the Hudson family as they overcome high medical costs:

Tammy, Praying for Parker


  1. Wow... great stuff being raffled off, and for such amazing causes!!

    Thanks for the links!!

  2. Thanks for putting this information all in one place! I'm glad I know what raffles are going right now. Bless you!