Monday, October 27, 2008

Today flew by!

I've been going nonstop today and I'm still not sure I got anything done... LOL

Except the most important thing- which is taking care of 4 sweeties- so I guess that's all that matters.

This morning K had school and Mike brings him in on M/W. I got the other three up, dressed, fed, diapered, and we left for the grocery store. I called Mike and his mom in a panic because we couldn't find E's glasses after the surprise party he went to at their house for his mom on Sat night then went in to shop. I'd searched the house and car already to no avail.

After the 90 min grocery shopping I got home, pulled in the driveway, put the perishables in the house and pulled back out to pick up Kristopher at school. The babies ate bottles in the car. After picking up K I came home, did a round of diapers, fed Brianna, got M in bed, got E ready for her teacher to come, checked in on e-mails and answered the 2 urgent ones, got K eating his lunch, and then E's teacher was here. I participated in that a little more than usual because E was in an unusual and irritated mood today.

Oh, and I found the glasses in the spare diaper bag (a friend must have put them there since Mike had no idea they weren't- or better yet ever HAD been- on her face!) and called them both back to let them know they'd turned up.

As her school time was ending, Mike's mom got there to watch the 3 kids for a few minutes so I could get an OAE (hearing test) done on Brianna really quick. I'd gotten a call in the morning that today would be a good day to try to get one then another call back that they could do it at 3pm. I went up to the center and the earlier meeting had a parent come super late... and they'd just started. 25 minutes later we did the 2 minute test (She passed! first time yay!!) and headed back home. K went with grandma to her house to play for a few hours and I got dinner for Brianna, played with the kids, and again caught up on e-mails.

I got everyone ready for bed around 7 and started them on bottles/milk cups when K came in at 10 after. He got going getting dressed while I got medicines for Emma and put the little ones in bed. By 7:30 all three little guys were in bed and K and I read his story, prayed, and he headed off to sleep too.

Where did the day go? Tomorrow 3 will go to school in the morning and I'm not even sure what Emma and I will do...

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