Wednesday, October 01, 2008

October 1!

Get It Down; 31 for 21

In honor of October and Down syndrome awareness month, I'll be blogging each day a little something related in some way to Ds. Granted I do that most every day anyway, but this month I'll put a specific emphasis on Ds as opposed to just what the kids are doing and learning :)

So... in an effort to help this also be a 'learning experience', I want to ask you all for your help! What things do you wonder about Down syndrome? Our family? Adoption? Ukraine? My kids? Our reasons for doing whatever you question that we do? Nothing's off limits! Please do be considerate of the tone of your question, but I promise not t be offended if you promise your questions will be genuine :) I've turned on 'moderate comments' not because I'm afraid of what might be posted, but so that the comments including questions don't go through to be public and I can save them from when I'm ready! :) Ask lots of questions!!


  1. Hi Meredith,
    Thanks for doing this.
    In your experience, how doe having DS affect a child's transition into an adoptive family, leaving what is familiar, bonding, etc.

    What are some of the typical things that can be expected the first weeks/months home that may be different than a child without DS?

  2. Meredith - I LOVE your sweet kids and have followed your blog from very early on. I have not posted a comment until now, but this question has been on my mind - What will you do as you age and the kids get to be adults? I work for a national organization that serves the developmentally disabled (though I hate that title) and see the difficulty parents sometimes have in caring for an adult with Downs. I'm trying to imagine caring for three adults with varying degrees of capabilities. I'm sure this has crossed your mind.

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to ask such a personal thing.


  3. Hi Meredith! I am addicted to your blog (I've been following since donating from Wish Upon a Hero) have a beautiful family. I wanted to ask, why do the children in the Ukraine go to institutions at a certain age...why can't they just stay in the orphanage? And why such a high mortality rate when they get to the institution....are they just thrown in a room left to die? Another question, with downs....why does Bria not talk? Keep up the good work....I love reading and seeing pics of your family. deb

  4. I have heard 2 slightly conflicting things about DS.

    One is that you will have a child forever. As if you had a person that would always function on the level of a three year old.

    On the other hand I have heard that, no they are not children forever, it just takes them a lot longer to learn but they grow into feeling like adolescents and adults like everyone else.

    I have heard that DS people are a lot nicer and forgiving then "normal" people. Is that true?

    The DS people I know are certainly nicer then the norm. They are also very social, enthusiastic, and love to plan, do, and seem to enjoy fun activities more then the norm.

  5. with the challenges in raising a child with down syndrome or any "disability," why did you choose to adopt 2 Ds children rather than adopting a child without those challenges? i know you initially were going to adopt aleksa but she had Ds too...

    - michelle