Friday, October 24, 2008

Ok, so I see

Thanks for the input from those who commented on the previous post. See, the thing is, I have impeccable credit. It was just checked recently when we bought our van and we were told that it was excellent. And I've never just not paid a bill. Which I guess is why I find it so odd that the hospital would bill me a lesser amount 9 weeks later. It doesn't say on it "please pay $114 or we also offer a settlement pay of 20% reduction which is $91.20". No, it just says "we've reduced the charges". Seems odd that if we paid the lesser amount that they would say so on my credit report. Seems misleading... but I guess the idea is for me to pay the bill, and I had not intentionally left the bill unpaid, nor did I intend not to pay it at all... very simply life has been crazy and admittedly the medical bills that I was unsure of whether they were covered correctly by insurance were not at the top of the list of things to do. It's this little thing called priorities. And they hadn't made it there yet. I guess this was a big fat reminder that they should have! And I guess I know what I'm doing Sunday...

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  1. if they said "reduced the charges"...then I think you're okay! That does not indicate a "paid for less than full amount"! :) I would just thank God for the gift...not that it is MUCH, but every little bit counts! :)